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Haven’t been updating cos I just wanted to be alone these days and not have any social interaction. 袊ζ₯θΆŠε­€εƒ»δΊ†ε“¦.

Been trying to internalise emotions and filtering negativity. I accept negativity into me, filter them like NEWATER HHAHAA, and then exhale more positivity out to the environment.

Was quite moody and gloomy of course no thanks to my pms. The past few days leading up to my period saw me sleeping a lot.. got tired super easily. I took a 3.5 hours nap yesterday?!? 😴

Had wanton noodles for lunch earlier on and we made our way to town to pick up Kay’s stuff. Spent a long time at Watson’s and almost got psycho-ed into buying the new Maybelline Matte Lip Colour that we later placed back 🀣🀣

I’m wearing it now and it really is transfer-proof. Only problem is it’s kinda drying as with most matte lip colours. Definitely need a layer of moisturising lip balm before the colour goes on your lips!

Was stuck in the Watson’s maze for a long time then we left... and dropped by Guardian hahaha. Had to buy sunblock and spray for our upcoming retreat!!

Also bought a new foundation for our sis cos her Silkygirl one already hit the pan lolol. Not sure how long she had that for so it was time for a new one!

Passed by Nike and also tried on some Body On sports bras that didn’t fit so well. LUCKILY they didn’t fit or I’d be so tempted to spend money.

Didn’t buy any drinks today since I brought my water bottle out and kept saying no to Kay when she wanted to drink Fruce. No no no.

This is me lugging emotions to the dumpster. Lolol.

Thanks for those who dropped me a message to check on me! I wouldn’t say I was okay.. but I just needed some time alone to deal with myself. Or I’d probably write shitloads of emotional shit here... and I’m also trying not to update so much in preparation for my Dayre deactivation should it come one day πŸ˜‚


Sister is clearing her stuff so I’m helping!! She has a box of scrapbooking stuff and I think I have too but I’m not sure if I threw mine away from all the shifting done in the past 2 years.

Anyhow!!!! Scrapbooking is an expensive hobby and we must have spent $1k-$2k on it. Maybe even more!!? Idk!! But I used to do them for special people and special occasions.πŸ˜‚

My sister is letting go of her scrapbooking stuff at a great bargain!!!!! Some stuff can easily cost $12.90 per item or $7.90 for stickers at retail stores.

And she’s selling them at only SINGLE DIGIT AH.

Set A - $5 only!! SOLD

The lovey dovey set comes with a bunch of sweet looking stickers. Heart shapes de!! There’s also alphabet cardboard stickers which already costs $7-$10 easily outside. There’s a lace roll and some pearly stick ons!

Zoom in for you.

Got label tags!

Video of these stuff! Please note there’s a mixture of preloved and brand new stuff :) some stickers have been used but some are super new too. The Memory File pack has fake polariod cut outs for you to insert pictures in your scrapbook.

Set B - $5 only!! RESERVED

For all the vintage deco lovers!

There’s a booklet of stickers & labels.

Vintage cut outs.

2 washi tapes!

Flower 3D stickers and vintage stamp stickers.

London Markt pack.

Set C - $10 only!!! SOLD

Kikki.k stickers hor!!

Retail price is $24.90 if I’m not wrong!

Just gonna show y’all what’s in this sticker book.

These are great for journals!

There’s 2 washi tapes in this set!

Video run through of this sticker book!

Set D - $10 only! RESERVED

Another kikki.k sticker book with 2 washi tapes!

The horse at the bottom damn cute?!? To be honest I want to keep all the stickers!

Would make such a great addition to my journal :((( but I haven’t bought one for 2019 yet lolol.

Nice right?!?

couldn’t flip properly with my left hand πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Set E - $5 only!! RESERVED

Specially packed all the Christmas stuff into this set!⛄️❄️

There are 30 over mini cards that are great for small gifts during Christmas! Like those you give your colleagues.

Bling bling Christmas stickers! Never use one sia.

Only use 1 snowflake out of so many LOLOL.

Set F - $5 only! πŸ‘‰πŸ»SOLD

This is a crazy sticker set!!! Consists of some journal stickers, alphabet stickers and misc!

11 pieces of journal stickers 😱😱 These were so expensive last time we had to ship them from Korea. Wtf sibei siao on.

Still have!

Set G - $5 only!! πŸ‘‰πŸ»SOLD

Another crazy sticker pack! Sticker siao sia..

Super cute stickers for journal as well!

Got Rilakkuma too :)

Set H - $10 only!! RESERVED

Last vintage set with chipboard and papers!!

It comes with 8 pieces but my sis only used 1 lolol.

Alphabet chipboard.

Just this small box itself costed $12.95 originally. Wtf scrapbooking really expensive.

Here’s the stack of papers.

Idk what brand but some stuff listed in this entry were from Pink Paislee, Amy Tangerine all those brands de.

If you would like to get your hands on these, please drop Kay a message on Telegram!!!! (@/crystalc4stles)

Don’t DM me on IG ok! She’ll pack and send you ASAP :))

Please note some items are preloved and some are brand new okay!!! Not for fussy buyers πŸ˜… There will be a small postage fee for mailing!

SET I - $7 only!! SOLD

Went to dig my stuff and it seems I had already thrown 99% of my scrapbooking stuff away :(( I’m left with these really precious ones but I don’t need them anymore so I’m letting them go!

The stickers are FROM TAIWAN!! I handpicked them when I was there heheh.

Damn cute got the smelly tofu sticker, their buildings, sheep farm, spring onion pancake, lu rou fan, etc!!!

Bobunny papers! There are 30-31 papers left in this stack!


Original price $11.95 😭

Video run through of the available prints in this stack :)

Set J - $7 only!!! RESERVED

This set comes with a stack of double sided papers (6x6), 2 types of stickers and a Happy Birthday card!!

These ones handpicked from Korea okay!!! Lolol I’m such a sticker hoarder. Go where also buy stickers one.

I rmb buying hundreds of dollars worth of stickers from the US back in 2011 LOL. But I think threw away Liao😒

This paper pad damn gorgeous! I used 6 pages so there are 18 pages left!!


Video run through of this Echo Park paper pad!

Set K - $2 only!!

3 notebooks and a luggage tag!

These notebooks were bought from Taipei!

Lined! They are a bit yellowish so not for fussy buyers. Great if you like to scribble or for your little kids to doodle!

Set L - $5 only!! SOLD


Found these and my heart was like 😍😍😍

I bought the first three in Daiso in Tokyo I think πŸ₯°

And this... foam hearts!!!! ONE OF MY FAVOURITES. It’s from Korea. I wanted to keep this but Kay was like LET IT GO!!

On the far right is alpaca & sheeps!! I had an alpaca phase so I bought this then lolol!

The heart shape stickers are holographic so nice right!!!?

Set M - $5 only!!

1 Typo luggage tag and 2 notepads!!

The bottom notepad is sticky while the one on top isn’t.

Anyway you buy typo luggage tag on sale is like $5 lowest liao. Retail price is $11.99.

So nice got glitter some more!

Back details.

Set N - $5 only!! RESERVED

Luggage tag + sticky note pad + stickers + sticky paper roll!

Got these from Typo is Aussie for AUD$6.95. Brand new and unused.

Sticky paper roll you can just tear off wherever.

Typo luggage tag!

#selling what’s the correct hashtag ah lolol. #scrapbooking #bujo

Tonight’s situation at Woowoo stationery shop lol! A big thank you to those who ordered!!! Hope y’all find the items useful for your craft, journal or your kids, students, etc!

Day 41

Sunday, 10 Feb 2019

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pinkconnoisseur (avatar)

pinkconnoisseur Interested in set C! :)

1 week ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @pinkconnoisseur hello could you Tele my sister at @/crystalc4stles ? Thank you:))) reserved for you!

1 week ago

pinkconnoisseur (avatar)

pinkconnoisseur Oh no I don’t have telegram! Possible to email? Sorry!

1 week ago

theblacktofu (avatar)

theblacktofu hi babe i tele u!

1 week ago

crystalcastles (avatar)

crystalcastles @pinkconnoisseur hello! i have ig messaged you :)

1 week ago

fatpuffs (avatar)

fatpuffs omg sorry sorry hahaha i was the one that bought ur fav hearts away😭πŸ˜₯

1 week ago

extramileee (avatar)

extramileee OMG yesyesyes scrapbooking is a very expensive hobby. I have tons of materials in my special cupboard as well. I really love scrapbooking and I don't think I will ever stop!!! haha

1 week ago

cheerUup (avatar)

cheerUup phews not easy for you to let go sia! but good to let it all go tho! kudos to u!

1 week ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @fatpuffs haha don’t worry!!!! It deserves more love from someone else!!

1 week ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @extramileee yes so expensive! I used to make a lot of stuff but find it too expensive to keep up alr. Made with Love and Papermarket toh already???

1 week ago

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