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5 Years to Australia????💭😱

Word word word word word.

Was sitting on the couch with my Dad last evening and he asked me,

👨: 你懂有一个网站有很多酒店的。 A 什么。。 (Do you know of a website that lists a lot of hotels? It starts with A)

👧: Agoda?

👨: 不是。。是 A-I-R 不懂什么。 (no, it's A-I-R something)

👧: Airbnb?

👨: 好像是 A-I-R-B-U-S (I think it's A-I-R-B-U-S)

👧: Airbnb 啦爸爸!! (it's Airbnb la Dad!!)

YEP ANYWAY MY DAD FOUND OUT ABT THE EXISTENCE OF AIRBNB!!!! HAHHA. It's a breakthrough for him since he doesn't read or speak English + isn't tech-savvy at all. 👏👏

I had to correct him that AIRBNB lists more of home accommodations than hotel. @crystalcastles our dad quite pro now.

👧: 哇!爸爸你怎么知道 AIRBNB的?? ( Wow Daddy! How'd you know about AIRBNB)

👨: wa lao 你爸爸我什么都懂的了 leh. (Wa lao your dad knows everything leh)

#DaddyWoo epic replies again.

Then he saw Peanut's new bed that looks like this...

👨: 这个是什么?? 你买床给 peanut?? (what is this?? You bought a bed for peanut?)

👧: *jumps to defend myself* 不是!!是我朋友买的。 她是Peanut 的God-Ma. (No!!! My friend bought it! She is Peanut's Godma)

👨: 我差一点说你养狗到走火入魔。(I almost said you got too obsessed with having a dog)


👨: 原来是你的朋友走火入魔 (So it's actually your friends who went crazy).

👧: 是她们不是我!! (it's them! Not me)

@nixxek @amley my father say you all siao. HAHAHAHAH😂😂

Peanut just hopped onto her bed by herself hehehe!!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘

HAHHAAHAHHA OH MY GOODNESS GUYS!!!!! Just published my blogpost and spotted this severe typo error that got me laughing out loud to myself!

Read this part...

Spotted it yet???


Read again!!!


Oh my gosh I cannot stop laughing at myself!!!! I'm tearing!!!!!!

Is Aussie located in the outer space or what?


Anyway I updated my blog with my Perth Day 1 itinerary. Spent 3 hours on it okay so please check it out heheh!

Wrote about where we stayed, what we ate and what we did on Day 1!

💖 💖

Day 200

Monday, 18 Jul 2016

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mollyhua (avatar)

mollyhua Hahaha my dog has the same bed!!

2 years ago

nixxek (avatar)

nixxek i walk into fire and monster

2 years ago

Amley (avatar)

Amley HAHAHAH. Sorry we love peanut. ❤️❤️❤️

2 years ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @mollyhua nice!! Does he/she really sleep there? I'm training Peanut to sleep there but she gets distracted by the wood and keeps chewing on it 😅

2 years ago

urbandoll (avatar)

urbandoll @nixxek @amley hehehe I'm sure Peanut loves both of you just as much!🐶

2 years ago

mollyhua (avatar)

mollyhua No he doesn't!! I will carry him up and he will jump down IMMEDIATELY 😂😂😂 But I the bed is so cute right!! And of course peanut too 😍

2 years ago

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