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October 2018

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circus training

It all started one day in church. We noticed a baby, seemingly younger than Soufflé on account of size, able to perform the feat of standing with minimal support. The baby’s hands gripped her mother’s index fingers, one on each side, and thus, pulled herself up to stand on her mother’s lap!

Ha I just had a strange moment when my online and offline worlds collided. I follow several Dayreans on my IG and recently, I think I must’ve wished pearlynkmin a happy birthday on that platform. Or she wished me. Or she left some comment somewhere on mine. I’m not sure what exactly it was! I didn’t think much of it until today when I met up with some of my friends to belatedly celebrate my birthday and one of them excitedly asked me,

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Life on the Other Side

Four months after the fact, I’m starting to realise that a c-section is not entirely without side effects. The area around my scar has lost quite a bit of sensation and I’m not sure when it’s coming back. This is inconvenient in minor ways, like when I’m wearing a bikini bottom and I’m unable to feel if it has slid down my front beyond the standards of decency. The actual scar itself feels itchy and slightly tender to the touch.

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I really need to take better photos of my food but this whole meal multi grain bread from The Wholefood Kitchen is SOOOO GOOD! When it’s dipped in fresh thyme and truffle EVOO (bought from 🇮🇹 almost two years ago🙊), even better! Shall go back to sleep and get up in an hour’s time to eat some more. These days, I’m usually up just once at either 4 or 5 to nurse and then I’ll graze and munch on snacks before going back to sleep.

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My favourite seat on the bus is the one right behind the driver’s. It’s a seat slightly higher than the rest, with a raised platform next to the seat, perfect for me to rest my many belongings. Being seated here now brings back memories of all those months when I’d sit here and watch my belly growing each day in the rear view mirror.

I read some of the comments on CNA’s Facebook page about the ‘Regardless of Class’ video which I wrote about yesterday. So many are calling the Indian girl elitist, blaming her for her choice of words and tone. What I would like to comment, really, is,

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