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February 2019

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The calm before the storm

January 2019

D10 today (Mon) and did my scan. Doc said I have 3 and a half eggs and may have a risk of triplets if all eggs get implanted. Trigger shot will be done tomorrow night and IUI on Thursday. While I think the chances of a multiple pregnancy is pretty low, closed ones whom I told were all quite worried of the possibility. I like to think the doc is just being overly optimistic (as he usually is, if not how to gain confidence from the patient?), but am just curious if the number of eggs at this

New cycle. Dr Loh, 这次就靠你了

Seriously happy for some of the #ttc ladies who got their BFP this month. Although my time is not due yet (how long more though, Father?), I'm thankful my prayers were answered for others :)

I used to try very hard during fertile week (BD everyday or every other day) but as the disappointment increased each month, I kinda lost the momentum. After all, some say it will happen when you least expect it right? So I stopped tracking so intensely and even deleted those fertility tracking app. This month, after joining the dayre ttc chat group and seeing and reading all the ladies' stories and persistence, we are going to try intensely again this cycle. Really hoping for the best 🙏

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