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August 2019

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I am not the worm in your stomach leh siao eh. As much as we know each other for more than 7 years that doesn't mean I understand every of your action! My mother give birth to me for 27 years she also don't really understand me. Urgh, 为什么你这样得!!!!

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Torturous 3 weeks had finally came to an end.I remember waking up every day feeling the sharp pinch in my heart and trying my best to go through the day.I listened to everyone advices and I thank everyone who had stayed around these 3 weeks. Thanks for not letting go of me though it was such a dramatic night that day. I will never forget it ever in my life cos I had never behaved this way before. You made the effort to call and asked about my wellbeing though what you went through was worst

I had came to the point...That I am pretty much numb about us.

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Times again, I tell myself we can always sit down and talk things through.Yet it's a vicious cycle. We talk, we makeup and then we argued. It's a history on repeat for consecutive 3 weeks that it tires me out. I had been trying to make things better yet it makes me so hard to get over everything that had happened. The scene kept replaying on my mind. When I am intoxicated with alcohol, emotions takes over my mind and I can't control myself. I hated the way I behaved.

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I never once let go of you no matter how failed me cos I often remind myself that it's not easy to meet someone whom love me as much as I love him. I spent the entire Monday night till yesterday lying on the bed having thoughts running through my mind. I was debating with myself on the choices I made. It pretty much seems like my heart and my brain was having a Q&A discussion. It's tearing me apart that at one point I just want to f everything and not care about anyone anymore.

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Been making the effort to meet each other often lately cos shit screwed up and we are like building one another trust once again. Some thing that I really love about us... Is that we don't give up on one another easily. We always make an effort to meet one another after an argument, shared our feelings and hopefully we will come out with a solution to the problem.

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