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$6 DTF fried rice / cycling

Went to try the $6 pork chop fried rice by the ex DTF chef yesterday 😋 didn’t have to go into office on thurs and fri cuz everyone is at offsite. Working from home is so shiok. Can roll out of bed and just start doing work. No need to squeeze on the mrt!!

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I was almost late for boom omg. Thought I wouldn’t make it 💦 was fun!! Decent sweaattt. Now that I can’t go for all the cp classes I want, I appreciate it a lot more hahaha I’m on the 55 credits plan this month (25 credits from prev month, so I paid $59 for 30 credits) So far I’ve gone for 1. 90min power @ yoga+ (6c) 2. Leanout @ haus (6c) 3. Boxing @ boOm (8c)

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