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Editor's Pick, Tokyo πŸ’– & mt mAAch ecute

GOOD MORNING everyone!!!

I was pretty much a zombie walking around yesterday and I was so tired because I took the red eye flight from SG to Tokyo on Saturday. I didn't manage to sleep at all and I went out the whole day after arriving in Tokyo!

BUT, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I woke up to my phone's dayre notifications. So i took a peek at my phone and realised I'm editor's pick today!!!

It woke me up straight away! Lol


So so so happy can!!! LOL

Thank you Dayre for picking me as editor's pick today!

Thank you to my girlfriends @yinagoh and @evonnz for introducing me to Dayre and constantly encouraging me to blog about my craft stuff here!

Thank you to all my friends and everyone I've met through Dayre the last year, for always being so sweet and supportive!

And of cos, big thanks to everyone who liked or commented on my posts and followed me this morning! THANK YOU! 😍

I'm really flattered with all the sweet comments and when you guys say I'm talented! Actually I won't say I'm talented, I'm just really into these things, craft and all... That's why I spend alot of time on this hobby!

I love the satisfaction I get from completing a card, I love how it brings a smile to the person receiving it!

I'm sharing my craft work here because I want everyone to know that it isn't as difficult as it seems, all you need is to put your heart into it! 😬

I will be more than happy to share where to get supplies or any advice on techniques I'm familiar with. Just leave a comment whenever you have a question and I will try my best to help!

For those who don't already know, I also manage a shop online ✨✨ and we stock lots of limited edition washi tapes and stationery!

Ok, so back to Tokyo! I am so lucky to be here! The bf was coming for a business trip and changed his miles for a ticket for me. SO HERE I AM! I love Japan!!!

Here's a quick share of some photos from yesterday!

Took this during the flight and I know the quality is really quite zzz but look at that sky! It was like red, orange, yellow, green and blue just right in front of my eyes! Too pretty!

Then, I was lucky enough to catch a sight of Mount Fuji from Haneda airport before I was gonna take a train to Tsukiji fish market.

A great start to the trip, except that the bf and I were so tired.

We planned to go straight to Tsukiji market to get Iburi gakko (smoked radish) to bring home, have the beef stew rice I didn't manage to try last year... And some scallops! But it was a Sunday and both the shop selling iburi gakko and the beef stew were closed! 😭

So this was our breakfast!

1.5 of a huge scallop and a king crab leg! It was soooo good! Fresh & sweet.

Can never have breakfast that will beat this. Only in Japan!

We had an egg too! It was soft and fluffy but I just somehow, still can't get use to eating sweet egg. Haha

Stopped by Starbucks on the way back to the station to get our luggage... Tried their Christmas special, "snow maple toffee frappucino". I LOVE IT. Why can't they have this in Singapore! Lol probably gonna drink it again before I leave.

Flowers by the road. So pretty!!! And many thanks to dear @evonnz for lending me her Aide de Camp bag!

They closed the roads at Akihabara yesterday! Such an interesting place...

Guess where I went after? Hehehe

mt store at mAAch ecute

Lucky me! Taiwan in Oct and now this! Hehehe love the tapes in this expo because they are all really easy to use and full of color!

I like all of them for so many reasons!

1. The arches are so colorful! These will look great on anything, like a notebook, your laptop or table... Anything!

2. Snowflakes!!! ❄❄❄

3. This is iconic to the mAAch ecute building and by the Kanda river.

4. Akihabara themed! So cute! This has little icons of what Akihabara is famous for. What can you spot?

5. How can we forget the bridges by the Kanda river.

Many mt limited edition tape collectors love these tapes! With the jap culture & all.

It was super crowded!!! Here's some photo spam for all the washi lovers πŸ’–

Rows and rows of tapes...😍

I think this is my favorite. How cute is it!!! 😍

I couldn't even squeeze in take a closer look at these tapes. See, I'm not the only one crazy about these HAHAHAHA

The shopping baskets/bags. Sometimes I wish I can take these home too... Haha especially if it was decorated with a particular tape I've been so desperately trying to find!

Bf sneaked a picture of me queuing to play the gacha machines!

This cute little boy wanted to have a go at spinning the gacha machine too but he was too short to reach it! Too cute! Everyone's spinning the machines really seriously hoping to get the ticket to exchange for gacha limited tapes!

The list of limited gacha tapes available for redemption when you get a lucky ticket!

These tapes are exclusively for gacha machines only and are not sold at stores at all, not even as part of the expo exclusives. That's why everyone's so serious spinning the machine furiously haha.

You can also make your own badges with some tapes they provided at the expo!

See!!! 😍

So in love! There were many other cute stalls in the same building selling really nice collectible items.

Don't you always feel like there's just so much to buy when you're in Japan?

All thanks to my bf who made all of these possible! 😍

Be back later tonight! Gonna catch up on some shopping and eating!

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Monday, 1 Dec 2014

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nicholaslin (avatar)

nicholaslin Welcome to Japan !

4 years ago

Philosopbees (avatar)

Philosopbees Congrats on being Editors pick! :)

4 years ago

Withjslyw (avatar)

Withjslyw Omg it's so rare to see MT fan on Dayre!!

4 years ago

wishywashi (avatar)

wishywashi HEHE ALL THE MT TAPES *goes crazy* I thought our singapore limited edition ones (ESP the peranakan one!!) was gorgeous though!! Would love to go to an overseas MT event but I'm slightly terrified about letting the other half see how I'm capable of spending so much on tapes :(

4 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz @jeanius ask him to go elsewhere for 1 hour lol

4 years ago

kaijing (avatar)

kaijing AWESOME!!

4 years ago

tokyoaddict (avatar)

tokyoaddict OMGGG I LOVEEE the MT tapes!!! May I ask where's the shop located at? I'll be heading to Tokyo on friday!!! 😁 can't wait to lay my hands on em! Thankqqqqqq & congrats on being editor's pick!

4 years ago

linga (avatar)

linga Congrats!!!! Hahaha. Omg the tapes are insane! I could roll around in them literally 😍

4 years ago

Stopit (avatar)

Stopit Congrats!!! Finally!!! So happy for you!

4 years ago

Emrose (avatar)

Emrose Congratulations!!!!

4 years ago

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