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mt Yokohoma expo πŸ’™

Hello! It's time to clean the cobwebs off my dayre blog and start blogging again!

April flew by as quickly as the previous months when I crazy busy at work and now we're already a week into May. 😱

I'm so sorry I didn't finish blogging during my Japan trip but it's just so tiring and I really salute the bloggers who do it. In Japan I would always try my best not to use my phone when I'm out because, every moment you're looking at your phone you're missing out on something.

Here's the belated entry in our trip to the mt expo at Yokohama!

Did we plan to go to Japan for the expo? Nope! I was telling the bf that I'm hoping they would announce an expo I can go to when I'm in Japan and the bf said I was so optimistic! But oh yes, it happened again! Woohoo!

I didn't plan much for the trip but you can say this became my main agenda.

So off to Yokohama we went!

Train ride picture with @evonnz
πŸ“·: @yinagoh 😘

I must say that masking tapes brought us together. LOL when we first went to the mt expo in Singapore we weren't that close yet, but after all that crazy tape buying, tons of craft shopping and food trips after.... πŸ‘­

Yina was so sure we were gonna go crazy buying tapes. Well, I'm crazier when I'm alone I think? This time I had company and I didn't want them to wait for me so I rushed through everything as quickly as I could.

Selfie taken with the self timer. I know right, they are damn good at this lol!

As you can see I'm still new to this but I still love this and the girls!

Yokohama was a really nice place! We visited the pier and cruise terminal for the expo and explored a bit of the city later in the afternoon but I think this place warrants a second or even third visit next time when I go back to Japan.

We were also very lucky because the whole week we were there, it rained on every single day except today (the day we went to Yokohama) and the day we left! Blessed with good weather ^^ finally we had some sunlight β˜€οΈ

Quite like Singapore right? Such a lovely lovely place.

So before we went to Japan I saw some of the decoration for the expo location. The theme was white and blue.

It turns out I also bought a skirt from Love Bonito for the Japan trip, and it was also white and blue. So I said to the bf and the girls, "I'll wear my LB outfit to the expo and I'll totally blend in! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„"

I just did it for fun, but I did really blend in. HAHAHA

I even matched the cones. LOL

Too funny, but I love love love this outfit too.

Absolutely love the venue for this expo!

Mt is pretty amazing right? At every event, they would decorate the whole venue in the theme of the expo and it always turns out so so pretty!

We're ready to spend ALL our money on tapes! Let's go!

The only picture I took of the poster...

Such. a. huge. space!

They said the exhibition was the biggest yet, spanning over 2,000 sq meters! That's about 20 four room HDBs...!

Shopping bags decorated with pretty tape 😍
πŸ“·: @yinagoh . My camera and skills cannot lol

So the first thing we were distracted by were the glow in the dark tapes!

The glow in the dark tapes were first launched in October, in the Taipei expo and this is the first time they are selling it in Japan! Lucky me!

Still can't believe how strong these glow. You know how you would usually have to "charge" the glow in the dark pigments so they would glow stronger when placed in the dark? I used to buy glow in the dark nail polishes and sometimes I would need to charge them under a light directly before they would really glow.

Somehow the mt tapes glow right once you put them in darkness!

Then we got distracted by these! Lol pastel tapes!!! Anything pastel, I love!

These round containers are so cute too. You spin them, take the colors you want...spin on to the next.

Before you know it, your basket is full.

Look what happened...

Look at us, super serious ok! Lol Yina took this picture and sent it to our group chat (with our other halves) and the guys were like... Oh my they're buying everything! Hahaha

I couldn't resist the pastel collection! There was also some colored checked and stripes limited edition tape but they won't be sold on my site because there's just too much and there's not as many crazy people/collectors around that collect everything! Hahaha


I don't remember how I managed it but I think I didn't buy everything.

Pastel *dies*
Rainbow *dies*
Limited edition *dies*

The limited edition tapes for this expo!

Yokohama charts/map design!

Sails, the sea and OMG check out that whale 🐳🐳🐳

Chinese flower with cute birds!

I wondered why there was a Chinese related limited edition tape design and it seems that Yokohama's Chinatown is the largest in Japan and there are lots of Chinese grocery stores here.

Guess I'll have to come back to explore Yokohama again!

πŸ“·: @evonnz
Yokohama buildings! All the iconic buildings and architecture landmarks in a tape!

Had to keep an extra for myself. 😬😬😬

These were tapes from their regular range that they used for the deco around the exhibition. I bought a set for fun but on hindsight I should have bought more of that white tape!!!

Love the badges made from the tapes!

A table full of mt Casa!

A table full of washi tapes just looks awesome. I'm happy just looking at it!

Room of Luminescent Tape

The last time I went to the Taipei expo, I totally missed this room of luminescent tape! But i consoled myself by saying that I wouldn't be able to take nice pictures with my camera and my skills.

This time I asked dear @yinagoh to help me take some pictures cos I'm hopeless with the camera!

This was the best picture I managed to get. lol

Just look at them glow!

In the room I think they had black light and back light? No idea what they call it but it flickers twice...

If you look carefully, in the electric board tape, there are two parts... One glows green and it says "Nothing is Impossible" and there's kind of like a secret message that glows in red, saying "As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it."

Can you see??? Evolution of the washi tape industry! Hahaha oh the Japanese are so good at this!

πŸ“·: @yinagoh
Thank you for this pic! OMG seriously need to learn how to take these pictures with my camera or I'll just have to bring Yina with me next time 😬

You can even see the faces of the animals, the details on the ghost tape and my favourite has to be the constellation tape!

Can't wait for mt to launch more glow in the dark tapes in the months to come! If you're a collector, you'll need these!

I actually tried to take a video but once I got into the room, the screen went black. πŸ˜‚

Even the machine was jazzed up in white and blue! Haha this machine is a must in every expo!

This is a coin changing machine! So you put ¥1000 notes inside and out comes ¥100 coins to use for the gacha machines!


¥100 per spin! The last time I played this in the other expo at mAACH ecute, it was really stressful because everyone was just hawking around and spinning only when they thought they had a chance.

I tried 30-40 over tries and only got 2 tickets to exchange for the special gacha tape. This time we literally had no time and we were spinning 10 coins at each time LOL.

I was really unlucky in my 10 coins streak so I asked the girls to help me spin hehe

Lovely pictures taken by @yinagoh while I was busy taking out the tapes from the gacha cases 😍

See that lucky ticket?

This is so addictive.

These tapes, you can only get by exchanging the tickets you win from the Gacha machine.

It's a marketing gimmick but every collector knows you gotta have everything. Especially if it isn't sold elsewhere!

πŸ“·: @evonnz
Didn't have time to take or play with these too!

The limited edition Yokohama and glow in the dark tapes are all up on my website, along with other newly launched tapes!

Here's the link!

✨ ✨

The site went on a short break when I was drowning in work, but trust me... A hoarder never stops buying! I'll be back with many new tapes in the next few weeks to come. πŸ’–

Happy (pocket empty) us!

We went on to meet @ronineel who was waiting for us at the other happening side of Yokohama!

I remember everything was a mad rush and I'm so sorry @evonnz and @yinagoh if I took too long! Thank you for going with me and thank you Ron for being so patient! thank you!

We had a wonderful meal at Bill's and then the girls took some pictures!

The food was great and the company was awesome! We managed to get a seat outside and the lighting was 😍.

Took a walk around the beautiful city and caught the Ferris wheel in rainbow. Too pretty!


πŸ“·: @ronineel
Thank you for all the group pictures! 😬

Yokohama, I'll definitely be back!

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Friday, 8 May 2015

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yellojelloo (avatar)

yellojelloo I like your thinking about not checking your phone! totally agree with what you said about missing out stuff though I'm guilty of that too! πŸ™Š

3 years ago

wishywashi (avatar)

wishywashi *excitedly wriggles bottom* WHOO WASHI UPDATE HEHEE

3 years ago

yinagoh (avatar)

yinagoh Faster update

3 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz Like for example we did miss a stop or two lololol

3 years ago

aiclay (avatar)

aiclay Wahhh hello so rare to see a post from you! Hehe. And my jaw dropped when I saw the amount of tapes you had in your basket. πŸ˜‚ and very blessed that you have girlfriends who will shop craft with you, I can imagine my bf bored to death if I drag him there haha. keep updating okay!

3 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat Glow in the darkkkkk!!!!

3 years ago

gypsyonthemove (avatar)

gypsyonthemove Erhmagaddddd!!! Those glow in the dark washi tapes! Think I'll hyperventilate looking at all the washi tapes!

3 years ago

Sunorchid (avatar)

Sunorchid Welcome back😘. Love all the tapes too!! Lots of lovely picsπŸ˜‰

3 years ago

magmuffins (avatar)

magmuffins V cute leh you blend in with all the white and blue stripes!!!!!!! And the glow in the dark tapes so coooool. Why would you buy more white tapes?? Plain white so boring compared to everything else leh!

3 years ago

wptlzk (avatar)

wptlzk the glow in the dark ones 😍 did you buy extra to sell them off..? cos I'm definitely interested 😍

3 years ago

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