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updated 3 years ago

Hello guys!!!

I disappeared again from dayre! 😪 I've been so busy and the last week was just such a mad run. The rush before a holiday is always crazy. Think I've only slept less than 5 hours each day for the last 3 days and even had a crazy 16 hours busy day on Wednesday.

Gonna try to revive my blog because I want to have a life again! I need to have better time management....!!!

But I'm so excited because I'm flying to Tokyo tomorrow!!!

I'm supposed to be packing my bag but I checked into Dayre and went on a stickers shopping spree. So many new cute stickers!!!

Earlier this week I've been squeezing short breaks of an hour or two a day to complete this mini album for @ccyndyy She's always overseas working during her birthday and Christmas, so I thought I'll give this to her since she's back for voting and I'll only see her once before my trip to Tokyo this weekend.

Took this shot of the album before I was done and can you imagine how messy my table is? No time = stackaton in my room, so messy!!!

Glad I managed to finish it though!

Learnt how to make this mini album from a class at Papermarket before they abolished their points system. Although I was busy, I thought the idea of going to a craft class was good because for 3 hours or so I would sit in the class and concentrate on enjoying craft again!

At least it would force me to enjoy what I love for a few hours! I would always procrastinate and do my work first and I end up pushing everything else back...The problem of working from home and having "flexible" work hours.

I met dear @yinagoh at the velvet dolls office yesterday and I was happily trying out some new clothes!

Haven't been buying clothes for awhile and @yinagoh said I went on a "shopping rampage"! Lol what to do, excited for my upcoming Japan trip ma! I scored a few pieces and I finally found a romper that suits my weird body shape and I LOVE IT!

She's heading there too, but we won't be able to meet. We need to revisit Japan again for sure, with @evonnz !!!

Day 255

Saturday, 12 Sep 2015

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ccyndyy (avatar)

ccyndyy Awwww 😍 thanks dear! I love love love the album! I'm gonna start sticking pictures in it soon!

3 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz NEXT YEAR APRIL @yinagoh JOIN US

3 years ago

farahdean (avatar)

farahdean Have a great trip! Do post more pics. Need ideas on more places to explore.

3 years ago

trishaliang (avatar)

trishaliang @farahdean how can that be! You're the pro! I need to get tips from you! Any places to recommend? Haha

3 years ago

farahdean (avatar)

farahdean Haha no la not so! Still discovering. What's on your itenary? Shimo kitazawa, ikenoue on your list? Latter has some nice little cafes & interesting little convenience stores. Former has nabezo & beauty shops with cheaper toiletries? Going back jiyugaoka?

3 years ago

trishaliang (avatar)

trishaliang @farahdean I didn't end up eating at Ebisu though there were a few restaurants there and the place was so pretty! Hahaha many cafes and nice dining areas when I walked from Ebisu to Shibuya though! At jiyugaoka now, really want to explore this place more.

3 years ago

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