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March 2019

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I really dk how we’ve been doing this... 2 years on, and I still bawl my eyes out while sitting in my room some days thinking abt how physically far you are away from me. I don’t think it’ll ever get better until your get you stupid ass back here in SG. :( PERMANENTLYWe’re all so busy with our own lives. 结婚的结婚,工作的工作,读书的读书. Everything in life is revolving arnd money now and it’s so sad. But no matter which phase we are at in life...

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Don’t like what I’m feeling. Sigh. Goodnight.

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So disgusted by the recent Kpop news. More and more guys are pulled into it and god knows how many others are involved in it and for how long man. This is why... you give guys looks and money... it’s mostly gonna turn into smth bad. They play with everything they shouldn’t play with. Women, feelings, drugs, etc. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I cannot... men are mostly hopeless la.

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February 2019

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I say it all the time... I’m so tired. Tired of what? Idk. Have some rest? It doesn’t make things better for me at all. Idk, really. I’m really just very tired. Maybe I’m just never enough. Maybe I just don’t deserve any happiness. Maybe... just maybe.

一是婴儿哭啼 二是学游戏三是青春物语 四是碰巧遇见你了解这个你 沉迷这个你时间暂停 再继续十是寂寞夜里 百是怀了疑千是挣扎梦醒 万是铁心离开你经历这个你 活成这个我 细数自己The other parts of the song lyrics are so cheem that until now I still don’t fully understand what the lyricist is trying to say. I’ll get to it soon.But the chorus.... 💔 I love Chinese songs. I love how the lyrics can make me feel so much. And sometimes... it’s as if the lyricist knows exactly what I’m going through...

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