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January 2019

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Back at work after not even 12 hrs buttt 2nd last work day of the weeeek i hope... Friday is half day of spring cleaning although i suspect we will have work to do. Fingers crossed we settle everything before the super long weekend!!! This is assuming we will have Monday off hahahaha.

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Really tired. It's been a blur of developments since news broke on Wed. I spent the afternoon drafting a submission following a discussion with the bosses, but just as I was almost ready to send it up, we were told a decision has been made. Oh my brain cells...It doesn't feel like a Friday... i probably have to bring my laptop around tmr.. but tonight i will rest.

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Why has life been so difficult? Frustrating. Making a deliberate effort to be more conscious of how i behave but for what? Doesn't seem to be remedying anything.

Isn't trust such a scary thing? You trust the wrong person and you won't even know until something hits you like a truck.

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