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updated 3 weeks ago

Here we go again! 4+h of sleep left after pumping. Need to adjust my pump timings already.

Left home at 6.30am and tried to do my first pump in the car. Bad idea because the journey’s quite short (~18min) so there’s only about 10-12min max of pumping after factoring time to set up/store milk etc. Only managed to clear about 120ml in that time and just managed to have time to pump properly! My poor breasts were hard and bursting so I dashed to the nursing room at the first opportunity that I had.

Nursing room’s pretty decent! Well-equipped with a fan, sofa and a fridge to store solely BM.

First update by mummy. Why Guniang looks so buaysong 😂 She’s usually still asleep at this hour (until 1pm)... hopefully she can nap after this bottle!

Chionged out of meeting room for 2nd pump of the day. 4.30pm and only pumped twice!!!! My supply’s gna drop if this continues ☚ī¸

Flying home to my Guniang NOW! đŸĻšđŸģ‍♂ī¸

Day 142

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

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huiminnnnnnn (avatar)

huiminnnnnnn The max I could manage was always 2 pumps at work! 😔

3 weeks ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Yes it’s really hard to find time to pump! Super bad for the boobies and supply 😖 @huiminnnnnnn

3 weeks ago

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