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updated 4 months ago

I gave up on my clothes today.

Taking off my clothes every <30min is a chore,

So I chose to stay half-naked

So that I can feed my perpetually hungry baby.

My Baby Tracker app is filled with activities, EXCEPT for sleep activities. She would sleep when I carry her and wake up the very second I put her down. I can spend 20min trying to get her to sleep and then she wakes up after 10. Once, it’s 4min. Don’t sleep nvm, mama can play with you but why must you scream cry leh?

Man, is baby going through a Week 6 growth spurt?

She’s no longer called Guniang Hands,

She’s now

Ham-Bao-Girl. 🍔 Crybaby.

The precious one min that she’s awake and not fussing. Very much looking forward to her growing out of this phase so that I can interact with her besides just attending to her needs.

Hello my balding ham bao

It’s gna be March soon! I remember Dayre-ing about how I love March because it’s a month of celebration! Daniel’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and we usually go on a short getaway. A trip’s definitely out of the picture but I certainly look forward to the celebrations. Celebrate Dan’s birthday as his wife and our anniversary as a couple. Is it bad if I want a break from my identity as a mom? 😐

Towards the end of the feed, I let go of the bottle and she held it on her own and was able to continue drinking! Happened twice today.

Day 59

Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

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fattypaws (avatar)

fattypaws Hahahha ya better to remain topless 😂😂

4 months ago

apieceofwong (avatar)

apieceofwong Going thru the same thing with baby and he is 6 week old too

4 months ago

mrsonggg (avatar)

mrsonggg Babe I’ve been wearing uniqlo bra top for 2.5 years!! You can consider that. Super easy, just pull down can latch alr

4 months ago

janjanjenisu (avatar)

janjanjenisu She’s chubbying up! Good job mama!

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Ya and I don’t even feel sexy being topless 😂 @fattypaws

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Looks like it’s really a growth spurt then. It’s so difficult right, but hang in there! 🌷 @apieceofwong

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes I forgot I’ve a bra top until I saw your comment!!! I’m in it now heheh, really damn convenient @mrsonggg

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Thankfully all the crazy feeding times lead to something! 😂 @janjanjenisu

4 months ago

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