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Come tomorrow, I will not just be a FTM. I will be a FTWM.

This morning, I smiled a little wider at my girl when I walked into her room. I hugged her a little tighter as I nursed her. Because come tomorrow, we will no longer be each other’s sole companion in the day time.

Come tomorrow, I will be at my new workplace- new bosses, colleagues and environment.

Gosh I’m so nervous already.

I would love to have a slow day with Guniang but I found myself running all over the place. Guniang’s due for her 4th month vaccination this afternoon so I thought I’d take the morning to run errands for UnMasque since we’ve many things coming up. I’ve 3ish hours to run to 3 places but I was stuck at the printing shop for more than 2h because they missed out my order! 😤

Didn’t manage to go to the 3rd place, my boobs are bursting (last pumped at 6h ago 😰) and I am running late for Guniang’s appointment.

Yay we’re in time! My mun dressed her like a boi lol.

We’re leaving Guniang at my mum’s place tonight since we leave home very early for work. Daniel was a little hesitant about this arrangement initially but I managed to convince him that it will not feel too different since she sleeps ~7pm anyway. If she comes back with us, she will just be sleeping so it’s better to let her have undisrupted sleep.

But guess who ended up being Guniang about it when we left mum’s place! Lol.

✔️ Chose my outfit. Dressing up for the first day of work is always tough. There’s only one chance to make the first impression!

✔️ Packed my bag. Daniel always mo ngan tai my bag because it’s always damn messy but the 16 weeks of ML clearly mom-ified me. I live my life in pouches and Ziplock bags now!

! Also, I was deciding the bag to use and I soon realised...there’s actually only one that can fit alllllll my things. All the pumps and bottles so bulky. Now I only hope I will have time to pump at work.

Feels like a nervous fresh grad reporting for her first day of work.

Day 141

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

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missingsequel (avatar)

missingsequel Jiayou! 😄

1 month ago

sunshinedaily (avatar)

sunshinedaily jia you!!

1 month ago

huiminnnnnnn (avatar)

huiminnnnnnn 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻!

1 month ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Thank you ladies! ❤️ @missingsequel @sunshinedaily @huiminnnnnnn

1 month ago

lynnieroll (avatar)

lynnieroll All the best for your first day at work!

1 month ago

thelittlesteps (avatar)

thelittlesteps All the best!

1 month ago

sparklyposies (avatar)

sparklyposies good luck for your first day! ❤️

1 month ago

chomelyang (avatar)

chomelyang Good luck on the first day!

1 month ago

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