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2.40am: Woke up with painful leaky boobies and carried baby out of her cot to nurse her since it’s about time for her next feed. But she was sleeping so soundly and didn’t want her supper! No choice gotta pump and zzz a short while later, she pooped and started moving. When she’s awake, she will realise that she’s hungry and demand for milk but I’m still pumping. Activated Daniel to attend to her first before I took over to feed. Following a loud and long burp, Shift 1 ended 3.30am ✅

I prefer to bottle feed EBM for the first morning feed to keep her full longer while I prepare for the day. But baby next woke up at 7.20am before her breakfast’s ready so I’ve to nurse her for this feed.

If there’s one thing that parenthood teaches me, it is to be adaptable and accept that nothing will go your way 😅

This morning’s situation after the feed. Enjoying our bed and comforter after side latching. Sent Daniel this photo and he wasn’t very pleased that he has been replaced lol.

Sleep already still want to kpoh

After a while, she woke up and I thought that concert’s gna start again. She usually explodes once she wakes up to ask for milk or bao bao. So I braced myself for her opening song.


She was just looking around and playing on her own. Faster grab the chance to wash up and I came out of the bathroom to a sleeping baby. Weeeee good job baby ðŸĪĐ

Armed with a carrier, stroller and JJB bag, we are heading out for some fresh air now! It’s 小 stressful to pack my bag when alone with a baby who’s threatening to cry anytime. Hope I didn’t miss out anything! Going to have breakfast with my parents and then stay at their place until lunch time. Siam solo parenting for a while today ðŸĪŠ

Gai gai with her cousin

I learn something new about my baby/perhaps babies in general each day. That usually comes after a painful lesson lol. Kena tekaned.

👉ðŸŧ Change diapers BEFORE a feed. Doing so after that may cause baby to wake up completely and then you will have to spend time to put her to sleep.

👉ðŸŧ Always stick to your routines. Today, I saw just how important they are to babies. ⮇ïļ

Day and night confusion

It’s something that I’ve read about and I’ve established some routines with the hope of avoiding it. They seem to be working for baby, especially of late when she’s sleeping longer periods at night and having more awake moments in the day.

1) I let baby know that it’s bed time when we change her diapers > give her an evening sponge > feed her > swaddle her and kiss her goodnight.

2) Associate day time with light and sound, and night time with darkness. Once it’s close to her bed time, it’s light is off and just night light for everything- feeding, diapers change etc.

3) Light swaddling in the day (loosely wrapped around baby) and swaddling at night (tight velcro swaddles)

I was at my parents’ place for dinner till quite late just now. When it’s close to her bed time, I brought her into the room and kept the lights off. I was expecting her to take her usual 4-hr naps in the evening but she kept waking and crying every now and then for no reason. After we got home, we quickly sponged her and followed through on #1, and she’s been sleeping soundly ever since. Perhaps she’s waiting for the evening sponge before she could fall asleep.

Day 58

Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019

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love_dream 👏 give urself a pat on ur shoulder! It’s an achievement ðŸĨģ

4 months ago

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lynnieroll Yessss routines are very important!

4 months ago

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