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Last night, I get to be a baby girl again.

When my parents found out that Daniel has a wedding dinner to attend, they offered to come to my place. I still do the work where baby is concerned but thanks to them, I’ve proper food for dinner and I’ve company (rmb how night scares me a lottle now?).

They watched over baby while she slept and I managed to sneak in an hour of rest as a result. I was able to pump in peace. They left only when Daniel came back at 11.40pm.

Ah... parents. Always putting their babies before themselves, even when their babies have already grown up to be parents themselves.

Night Shift 1 started earlier today so we are done!

Gotta pump before I sleep. My pump schedule has gone haywire, I’ve stopped being disciplined enough to stick to a 3-hr interval. Really too tiring! I’m pumping at irregular intervals now, which is really bad for my boobs and supply. Gna try to regulate my pumping sess again!

1.47am: Shift 1 + pump done! ✅

4.05- 4.40am: Shift 2 done ✅ Side-latching really saves sanity during the motn feed!

6.50-8.20 am: Shift 3 ✅ She was startled by her own pooplosion and was inconsolable for a long while. Took a very long time to change her diapers and clean her because she was fussing a lot. Nursed her to sleep after that.

No luck with 4-5hr sleeping blocks last night and this morning! She woke again at 9+am demanding to be fed. After satisfying her, it’s time to pump again... 😴

This little koala VIP has taken her breakfast, had her morning dump, showered and is now having her beauty sleep. Meanwhile, her parents have not even brushed their teeth! 😂 Daniel said he has held in his 💩 the entire morning hahaha and here he is, still busy scrubbing stained changing mats.

Made the biggest mistake of heading out for dinner with parents at 7pm. It’s so packed everywhere! Waited for 40min before we got a table. Thankfully baby only demanded for milk after we had a table so we could warm up her dinner without going into a frenzy mode.

When the food came, my parents looked very pleased with them. Told Daniel to take a photo for them, and my dad later on insisted to take one for us.

...and that’s how we looked. No more glam photos, just two tired parents with their food untouched because the VIP gets to eat first. (Just realised my Guniang Hands was holding the bottle again lol)

We’ve been through a few challenging phases since baby was born. The first challenge is getting use to life with a baby right after delivery. The second is life after our CL left. And now, it’s life after Dan’s back to work which is happening tmr. To prepare for that, our arrangement for the past week has been
- me being the main caregiver
- Dan taking charge of household chores

I feel a little more confident after week of practice, but you see, that’s with the assurance of having the option of asking for help whenever I need an extra pair of hands. The thought of being on my own from tomorrow onwards is so scary! So many ‘what ifs’ run through my mind. What if I cannot soothe baby? I can’t just hand over to Daniel anymore. What if she fusses during shower? I can’t ask Daniel to help out anymore. Gosh it’s so scary.

Day 55

Sunday, 24 Feb 2019

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yanzzz Jia you! The trick to eating out is to go early. If lunch, go at 11. For dinner, start at 5.30, latest 6.

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Yes really made a big mistake today! We ended up coming back late at 9+pm and we had to koala her to sleep for quite long. She is usually able to go to sleep on her own after her feed. Learnt from the mistake Liao! 😂 @yanzzz

4 months ago

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