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updated 4 months ago

Baby has been drinking 120ml for some time now and the interval between feeds range from 2-4 hours, which makes a total of 800-900ml a day. This excludes the amount that she drinks when latched on.

I’m not sure if we’re overfeeding because she doesn’t seem to be displaying any signs of it. Weight gain is also healthy and not excessive.

But after reading many #dayremummies posts and speaking to my mummy friends, it seems like baby is drinking a bit too much milk for her age and weight leh. My sis said my nieces were only drinking 80ml at 3 months.

We’re gna try to reduce to 100ml gradually and see how she takes to it. Drink 120ml she already screams every 2-3 hours. Any lesser I cannot imagine!

Waiting for baby to wake up for us to begin our first night shift but she’s still fast asleep! 4+ hours liao. Keeping my fingers crossed that she can sleep another 4 hr block after her feed! Tolong don’t stare at me with her eyes wide open for hours like last night. 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼

YAY she’s up! Silly girl slept until forget to wake up for milk and then screamed the min she woke up and realised she’s damn hungry lol. Luckily I’m prepared for her rock concert and got the milk ready in advance! This time it’s Mama 1 baby 0 πŸ™ŒπŸ»

The tissue box behind very ζ€ι£Žζ™― lol. Fed, changed her diapers and put to sleep. 2.05am: 1st shift done within 45min! βœ…

Baby fell asleep after second feed but became wide awake after changing her diapers!! That was what happened last night too. Mum’s dilemma- let her sleep and have her sleep for another 2-3hr in her poop or change her diapers and have her wide awake for another hour 🀦🏻‍♀️

4.30- 6am: 2nd shift βœ… Always the most cui one because she tends to wake after diaper change.

Now pumping while waiting for my rock star to start her concert. It’s been 4 hours since last feed!

Lazy boob is damn lazy today although I’ve been working it hard. 125ml left vs 210ml right!

9am: Ok baby has started her concert. Longest interval of 4h 50min between feeds so far!

Good mood so make Dan his fav potato omelette! Never kena tekan so badly last night = happy mum = happy husband.

Going for lunch with my parents! Baby wearing for the first time. Go out 1 hr, prepare 2+hr 🀦🏻‍♀️ Got to step up our game.

Please don’t Mother police me! Lol. Photos taken before we put her into the car seat.

5min into my pump only gotta stop to soothe this baby who is really not photogenic when she’s sleeping lololol. Why you look like boi boi here?

Heart pain to see my milk dripping onto the carpet but cannot do anything πŸ˜‚

Day 54

Saturday, 23 Feb 2019

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lynnieroll (avatar)

lynnieroll I read that breastfed babies daily intake range between 600-900ml and does not change much even at 6 months old. I think it’s ok to feed 120ml if she can stomach it and have sufficient wet and dirty diapers. She’s afterall a growing baby πŸ™‚ If she doesn’t want it, you can’t force it on her too. Eli was already drinking 100ml around 2-3 weeks young πŸ˜† He’s already 3 months now but his bottle feed ranges 80-120ml only. Don’t worry too much! Follow your mama instinct, you know best πŸ’ž

4 months ago

joannatay (avatar)

joannatay Same same. Poutylips here is also able to down 120ml or even 135ml sometimes. But she doesn’t vomit or show any distress signs 🀷🏻‍♀️

4 months ago

joannatay (avatar)

joannatay Wah!! Your supply is very good!!!!

4 months ago

20thoctober (avatar)

20thoctober Lauren drinks 120-130ml every 3 hours. She STTN, so she has a total of 6 feeds a day. (720ml-780ml) of milk total in a day.

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Wow Eli is a big eater to be drinking 100ml since 2 weeks young! My baby started 100ml at about 3 weeks and that eventually didn’t satisfy her until we increased the amount to 120ml. So we thought that’s the amount for her, until people started telling us we may be overfeeding. Read up on signs of overfeeding but she doesn’t seem to be displaying most of them so I’m really not sure.. if only there’s a manual that tells us the exact amount to feed! πŸ˜… @lynnieroll

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Wow yours even go up to 135ml! What’s the total amount that poutylips drink each day? You know my girl likes to pout these days and I never fail to think of your baby whenever she does that πŸ˜‚

My supply fluctuates a lot within the day! Seems to be dropping these days because I’ve not been disciplined with my pumping intervals :/ really too tiring to be pumping every 3 hours so I end up stretching my pumps to the max now. Bad bad habit. @joannatay

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Baby Lauren is such a good girl to sleep through the night! When did she start drinking that amount of milk each day? Mine is about 700- 900ml/day now. @20thoctober

4 months ago

joannatay (avatar)

joannatay Haha! Actually I recently found out that those are ‘time to poo’ lips πŸ˜…

The amount she drinks kind of fluctuates everyday. It can go up to top up of 750ml per day to 400-500ml if I latch her quite often during the same day. It’s also quite hard to tell how much she took when latching.

I’m too tired to keep up with the pump sessions as well.. as long as she latches, then I don’t even bother to pump πŸ˜…

4 months ago

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