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To all night time warriors:

One day, you’ll realise your baby no longer needs or wants you in the night. - I hear this all the time and it never fails to make my heart ache a little.

After an entire day of fussing since 11am, she’s finally asleep at 1am but I’m expecting a rough night ahead, seeing how unwell baby has been. To all night time warriors, we can do this!

Last night was surprisingly a-ok! Baby last drank at 11am and I decided to latch her on for 10 min at 1 am before we slept. That kept her satisfied till 5am! Of course those 4 hours were punctuated by a few times of jumping out of bed to check on baby but still... 4 hours of sleep, I miss you so much! The next time she woke was at 9am.

Got up at 7+am to get ready for the day. Warmed up the milk and kept it in a thermal bag, washed my face (I didn’t get to do so ytd until 11pm!), prepared the house and pumped. And then my baby woke up and performed her rock songs. When I was pregnant, I kept listening to soothing music but why this baby so loud 🤷🏻‍♀️

Getting up earlier really helps because by 10am, she’s fed, bathed and ready to sleep... except that ready to sleep is not = able to sleep.

Whatever happened to the baby who could fall asleep on her own? Whatever happened to the baby who could nap for 4 hours straight? Her naps lasted 15-30min and she would whine the min she’s up. Figured she’s probably still unwell so I kept picking her up to burp, until she threw up all over me once! Am I sick to say that I’ve never been happier to be puked on? 😂

That moment was quite epic because:

1) I was pumping when she fussed v badly,
2) So I had to pull my nips from the flange (ouch),
3) Picked her up from the cot and then I was showered with waves after waves of vomit,
4) All while my nips were leaking milk at a pretty fast rate. Must be protesting after the abuse earlier on.

She must be feeling much better after that because the fussing stopped immediately. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A baby
Calmly nuaing in the cot
No cuddles no pats
Yet not crying
Who is that?!

I’ve not seen that sight in a long time. It’s mostly been sleep > cry for milk > repeat. Of course must grab the chance to play with her!

The said baby. Stoning for a few moments

Playing on her own. Pls let that happen more often!

Good mood ft her battle scar

And then it’s time for milk milk. Fed, put her to bed and then it’s night time and DADDY’S HOME!

I swear I saw a halo above his head when he stepped in. This means SHOWER TIME! By then, I smell damn rotten. Vomit + perspiration + leaked milk.

Can’t wait to shower, pump (super engorged from the interrupted pump and get my first nap for the day). Baby slept from 5.15pm till now at 7.40pm and still going strong. Give Daddy face only and now he thinks my day has been as easy and smooth-sailing as what he’s seeing 🧟‍♂️

Day 57

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019

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20thoctober (avatar)

20thoctober I TOTALLY FEEL YOU when you say u smell rotten. I smell like sour milk + perspiration + baby puke. Sigh pie. 🤔

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Maybe confinement was to prep us for this! To get used to smelling bad ☠️ @20thoctober

4 months ago

ooizihao (avatar)

ooizihao Jiayou Lorraine!! You can do it!!

4 months ago

alicia07 (avatar)

alicia07 LOL super relatable post!

4 months ago

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