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Too tired to Dayre yesterday. Wake up to do my duties then straight back to bed!

Was hoping to have the last feed for the day at 11+pm but baby didn’t sleep well enough. She woke up at 10+ asking for milk so last night shift timings were very unfriendly.

2.20 - 3am: Shift 1 ✅ Side-latched baby and went back to sleep.

5.20- 6.15am: Shift 2 ✅ Changed diapers first before latching on baby. Traumatised by the two nights when she refused to go back to sleep after diaper change!

Saw this when I got out of bed to carry her back to cot. So cute this pose! Comfortably sleeping on her side with her legs crossed, body curled up like a prawn and sucking her thumb!

She’s finally found her thumb. For the past days, she has been playing with her fingers and sticking random ones into her mouth whenever she cries frantically. Daniel and I can’t really decide whether we want to use a pacifier or let her use her thumb to soothe herself. It’s like which is the lesser of two evils and we decided to just let her be. If she learns to use her thumb one day, we will let it be. If she doesn’t and needs sleep props then we may introduce the pacifier eventually.

7am: Shift 3 to attend to the Husband! He missed his alarm and woke up at the time he should head out for work.

8.30am: First morning shift begins for the day.

Sibei suay is when your baby decides to be unwell on the first day of solo parenting.

Everything was great in the morning from 8.30-11am.

Updating Daniel about all that I’ve done.
✅ Fed
✅ Trimmed her nails
✅ Pumped

✅ Bathed her
I even told Daniel how cooperative she was. She just stared at me as I bathed her. Didn’t struggle or even ek so I wasn’t nervous about doing it alone for the first time.
✅ Cleaned off the crust on her face & ears with oil

Then I sent him this photo and told him baby is sleepy already. She usually goes to sleep on her own after drinking milk so I told Daniel that I would have my lunch and clean the bottles after she’s asleep.

But uhoh suddenly her eyes so big when I put her down. Nvm, maybe she just wants me to pat her to sleep.

And that’s when the day went downhill.

She wants to be carried all the time.
But carry already still cry (she doesn’t usually cry when carried).
Stop crying already sleep for a while.
But put her down only then she cry.
Cry also not just whining kinda cry. It’s the screaming kinda cry that only happens when she’s hungry (but she’s been fed).

I spent the next few hours trying to troubleshoot. She’s been fed, no soiled diapers either. Carried her in all positions also didn’t work. She was crying incessantly and completely inconsolable. Is it me? Did I not do something or did I do anything wrong? It’s not like her to cry like this. I was really driven up the wall. From 11- 4pm, I did nothing except to try to calm her down. I have not had time to eat anything or rest at all. I didn’t even have the chance to use my phone to SOS.

Daniel came home in the evening to a screaming baby and a crying mother. I felt so helpless and frustrated. We figured she’s probably unwell but everything we did didn’t seem to make her feel better. Later in the evening, we felt her stomach rumble a few times and found it rather hard.

There are many possible causes to a rumbling stomach according to Google, but finding solutions is more important to us. Tried burping her, massaging her, making her ‘cycle’ in the air etc and she managed to release some gas and poop. Her stomach is softer now but she’s still displaying signs of discomfort.

Poor baby hasn’t slept properly since 11am and her voice has turned hoarse from crying. 😔

Day 56

Monday, 25 Feb 2019

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love_dream (avatar)

love_dream Awww this pose 😍 it makes u feel that the late night shift are all worth it.

4 months ago

travelokes (avatar)

travelokes Yeah, mummies always melt at the slightest things their kids do. ALTHOUGH it will be great if she doesn’t tekan at night and STTN soon 🤪 @love_dream

4 months ago

ooizihao (avatar)

ooizihao Awww so cutee eee!!

4 months ago

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