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April 2019

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Hubby took this pic of me secretly when i was asleep and yes, im still very sick. I have been coughing and coughing non stop for the past 4 days. It was really horrible. My chest felt cold and medication doesnt seem to improve my condition either.

March 2019

Now im down with the rsv virus. Three times sick in a month....!!! I seriously need to eat more 补food le.

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My son is down with rsv virus and bronchitis. Didnt expect that it could be so serious. He scared the hell of me today. He was breathing so hard that he turned almost purple n i called hubby and yelled at him. He immediately took urgent leave and we rushed him to tmc to see his usual pd. I only can say i love Dr yang. 😭 He was almost admitted but luckily he responded well to the nebuliser so Dr said it was an option for us to be admitted or not.

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Look at my skin..😑Cause too tired already . Im surviving 2 hr plus plus sleep everyday only. Im soooo tired till i dont even wana care abt whatever is gg on LOL... n the pimples ...Im like affected n not affected too. Im that god damn tired. My baby ah, faster heal! Mummy becoming uglier liao...

One word to describe motherhood-lonely

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Need mental strength for this. So omg and suffering.... Twice in the same month..somemore i solo in the wee hours. But thankfully, my mum will wake up every now n then to check on us.

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