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June 2019

Am REALLY getting the blues now. I don’t want to go back to work :’(

Likability and success are positively correlated

May 2019

Feeling suffocated, stressed, threatened at work. I can feel a Cold War in the making. Am working extra hard to push back but I feel there has to be a limit too. My goal for pushing the extra should not be to show that I am just as capable, or to compete, but because I want to excel, but right now it feels like I am pushing.... for revenge. Not good. Is this what a female-dominated environment does?

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thoughts about POFMA / new bag

Kinda sad when I read about how ignorant people are towards the real consequences of online falsehoods. Not everything is about politics, my fellow countrymen. Have you read about what other countries have faced? Have you even read the overseas examples provided?

The right/left brain explanation being tagged to the shoe colour perception? THATS DRIVING ME CRAZY Firstly, the left/right brain thing is a MYTH.Secondly, please lah it’s just colour perception.🙄🙄🙄🙄 That to me is deliberate online falsehood! Who started linking colour perception to right- and left-brain in the first place ah?!!

I really miss grandpa :’(

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