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updated 4 years ago

The insane comparison between UberX and Myteksi

On the way back to KL now. Gonna miss Penang. Wanted to have another round of hot bowl curry mee before I left but it was closed boo.

Until next time Penang.

He finally sleeps. This little boy was super noisy the whole ride from Penang to KL. Crying and crying insisting that we carry him out of his car seat. But I refused cuz it's a safety hazard. Dangerous for a baby to be out of a car seat in the case of an accident.

Then again.. During our parents time we never had car seats right ? I don't remember sitting in one as a baby.

OMG Uber X is so damn cheap it's insane.

Okay so I got a cab from somewhere near Cangkat Bukit Bintang to Puduraya.

Myteksi which uses regular taxis estimates that the rate would be between RM5-8.

That's okay. It's a short distance but hey. Without an app like that taxi drivers might con you into paying RM10-20 (thank you Myteksi). But still okay RM5-8. I'll happily pay that.

So I checked out and used UberX instead. And guess how much it cost me.

What the heck ?!

That's so much cheaper.

Why would anyone take MyTeksi or regular taxis anymore? Heck at first I thought maybe UberX didn't have that many cars yet but from the moment I ordered the car it took like 5 mins. And all Uber drivers speak English and are really well mannered.

Myteksi is a great app. Don't get me wrong. But UberX is just insanely cheap.

Day 230

Monday, 18 Aug 2014

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elektra (avatar)

elektra Hot Bowl is closed on Mondays! They've already moved from Abu Siti Lane, yeah?

4 years ago

kellojellooo (avatar)

kellojellooo Fighter looking at the camera!!! 😍

4 years ago

tayliet90 (avatar)

tayliet90 Fighter know it's selfie time. So cute 😍😍

4 years ago

wendylicious (avatar)

wendylicious I love their curry mee tooooo! 😍

4 years ago

lilianchan89 (avatar)

lilianchan89 Since u say so damn cheap.. takkan 2 bucks only ah!!

4 years ago

timothytiah (avatar)

timothytiah @lilianchan89 close

4 years ago

accordingtoseep (avatar)

accordingtoseep Rm2.97?! And i thought Boston's uber was cheap!! Uber is definitely one of my favorite and most used apps these days - it's cheap, the drivers are great and we don't have to tip them (we have to tip the horrible taxi drivers here 😒)

4 years ago

foodbaby (avatar)

foodbaby I thought myTeksi was a great app already! Will try out uber but I didn't like the idea of having to provide credit card data 😅

4 years ago

hawrong (avatar)

hawrong What's uber? Is that some kind of taxi in kl??

4 years ago

doggies (avatar)

doggies But it needs to have pay pal account or scan my card which I'm not so comfortable putting that info out just like that

4 years ago

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