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Bali rice terrace

Woke up to see that #prayforjustin is trending on Dayre.

@timothyteoh @davienne and I waiting at a silver and gold factory while others shop.

@davienne called this picture a TIM sandwich.

Visiting the rice terrace. The reason why they plant rice this was is for irrigation. So they just pour water from the top and it flows down all the way to the bottom.

This is apparently the one with the nicest view in Ubud.

Asked the tour guide to take a picture of us and he had his finger on the lens.

So I cropped it out. Unfortunately @sgrmse's hand had to go too.

Selfie with @sgrmse

And this group picture with the view. Yes I'm the dude with the pink pants. Shorty packed it for me. Don't judge.

Visited one of the many temples in BALI. This is where people can bathe in holy water. The water comes from a reserve at the back of the temple. The reserve gets its water from the hole in the ground.

This is the reserve at the back of the temple. See that hole in the middle? pictures don't show it but if you look at it in real life you can see an undercurrent coming out of that hole. Indicating that there is constant movement of water from that hole and then into the reserve.

I thought this was interesting. See the "tap" if you can call it that on the most right? That's meant for nightmares. If you have a nightmare and you don't want it to come true, you're supposed to bathe in it.

Made me think of @bongqiuqiu @qiuqiu cuz she has so many dreams.

All the Netccentric staff walking through the temple here.

Here's me and @patto_li, one of our partners for Nuffnang Thailand.

I intentionally cropped the bottom half of this picture out cuz in the temple we have to wear a sarong. And I got this dark green sarong that completely clashed with my pink and dark blue shirt. So haha. All the Nuffies found it funny and kept taking pictures with me like I was a prized pony.

Sorry Dayre. Not gonna post any pictures of that here.

Took a picture with @bossming. My business partner since 2006.

Say hello to the core Dayre team @chrisharrison @daney @margarita @andreas @henry.

These are the people who develop the app, manage the servers, make sure the millions of photos we post are delivered to our followers. They're the people we call when there's a bug or server is down.

It's a small team but they work very very hard to make up for it.

Visited another temple. This one in a cave. Had to wear a sarong too but at least this one wasn't dark green. It still clashes with my outfit but ok not too as bad as the first one. So okay to post.

Decided to do the tree pose. @bryanchin looked like he was gonna fall on to me.

Selfie with our Thai Nuffies l.


Sent Shorty a video log while I was standing on a cliff watching a sunset. To tell her I miss her and tell her what I was doing.

Two blue ticks means she read it right...
But no reply. Guess she read and ignored it. Oh well....

Anyone else want me to send a video log?

Day 13

Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015

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peaksandvalleys (avatar)

peaksandvalleys All thanks to you @timothytiah πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Thank you so much! I'm so touched by what you did. Appreciate it! πŸ‘

4 years ago

timothytiah (avatar)

timothytiah @im_celina it's the smallest thing we could do

4 years ago

annisast (avatar)

annisast it's ubud not ubut! :D and the terrace like that is spread all over indonesia hahaha

4 years ago

timothytiah (avatar)

timothytiah @annisast haha ok cool thanks

4 years ago

lubleypeeya (avatar)

lubleypeeya That pink pants!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

4 years ago

bellebellelim (avatar)

bellebellelim Hahahaha nice outfit !

4 years ago

whensgsingssg (avatar)

whensgsingssg It looks good eh!!

4 years ago

joseyt (avatar)

joseyt Is that a pink sling bag too cousin? 😁

4 years ago

purplesharon (avatar)

purplesharon Kuddos to your wife haha πŸ˜‚pink suits you well LOL

4 years ago

babyazalea (avatar)

babyazalea Real men wear pink. You, sir, are one of them. πŸ‘

4 years ago

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