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my awesome haircut

Was having my hair cut at true fitt and hill yesterday cuz my usual stylist Sato San is busy.

Done. What do you think?

If the following song comes into your mind say aye:

"mock... Yeah... ING... Yeah... Bird... Yeah".

Don't I look like Lloyd of dumb and dumber?

So shorty brought both our stylists into a chat group for me to break the news to them.

That was last night. But sato San was asleep. Only hikky who is shorty's stylist responded.

And this was what she thought.

I think the Japanese are just too polite to laugh at my hair.

This is what hikky thought.

Shorty was asking if it was much worse than when I cut Fighter's hair.

Then this morning sato woke up and responded.

And Sato San had this to say.

No laughing. Just wanting to fix the situation.

Haha but honestly it's not that bad when I gel it la Haha.

Apparently my haircut has gone viral among my friends. @bossming posted this in a chat group of ours.

And @jgoh87 chipped in.

And Ming thought I got punished in school.

In our company slack chat @rebekatee expressed concern.

So shorty has been having conversations with her Japanese stylist who is friends with my stylist.

What they're talking about?

My hair

She chats with hikky in Japanese so allow me to translate with the help of my wife.

Hikky: I saw Tim's blog (as in this Dayre entry)

Shorty: how?

Hikky: I laughed. I think Tim looks cool in this hairstyle *sends picture

Shorty: this time his hair is really Jia lat

Hikky: I know right.

Shorty: this is his hair now (no gel)

Hikky: hahaha

Shorty: so what did sato San say?

Hikky: he said hair style is truly important. With this face *sends the following picture*


On a side note. Sato San actually sponsors me. I know I know I'm the only guy I know who gets his hair cut sponsored.

However judging by the look of anger on his face. I think I might have lost my hair sponsor. Haha.

Okay so some of you asked how Fighter likes my hair. He was pretty neutral. Didn't react to it.

Penny on the other hand reacted badly. When I carried her she suddenly pushed herself back a bit to take a long concerned look at my hair. Then almost as if she didn't recognise her own father she started crying.

She cried until shorty carried her. Then for the rest of yesterday whenever I tried to carry her she would turn away or cry.

Today she's back to normal with me though.

Guess she accepted it.

Day 22

Friday, 22 Jan 2016

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coffee028 (avatar)

coffee028 I think I like your usual haircut style more 😅

2 years ago

thickhair (avatar)


2 years ago

xofive (avatar)

xofive Wtf

2 years ago

mikeannz (avatar)

mikeannz hahahahahahha

2 years ago

xofive (avatar)

xofive The fringe and bothe sides seem uneven leh...

2 years ago

mijjj (avatar)

mijjj Tim are u serious HAHAHAHAH

2 years ago

cyunxin (avatar)

cyunxin twinning with fighter?

2 years ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Honestly its bad

2 years ago

johannamonn (avatar)

johannamonn look like spock in startrek movie 😂😂

2 years ago

kuanygee (avatar)

kuanygee how is it mocking bird! hahah. erm more like Spock? HAHAHA

2 years ago

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