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I haven't been here for a while because well, heck I just haven't been on social media that much since I've started working on Colony.

To some extent, even my blog updates have significantly slowed down. I'm here now though because the Dayre team asked if I could post something here for them to get everyone to support this sticker drive to drive funds to maintain Dayre.

In the past year the company has been making efforts to cut efforts that aren't self sustaining. Dayre is one of them.

Even with a good base of users today, it's not enough to drive revenue or big enough to raise money of. I guess to some extent Dayre became a victim of its own success. People liked it because they could share their real stories on it but because they were very personal on it, they didn't want to share it with others so the platform couldn't hit a critical mass.

Now we're at the last stretch of Dayre but Desmond the ceo has decided to see if they can raise enough money to fund it.

So if you're a big user of Dayre, please check out @blog to see how you could help.

Day 29

Monday, 29 Jan 2018

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