Timothy Tiah (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

So I heard my ex intern Michael said that I haven't updating my Dayre in the longest time ever.

Yo Michael! Ok I'm here.

Sorry guys but it's just that with Colony I've been so busy I have hardly even had time to update my blog or social media platforms.

Looking to hire community managers for Colony. If you're interested please email lengmoublogs@yahoo.com

Day 263

Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017

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MichaelQuay (avatar)

MichaelQuay Hi Tim! 😁

1 month ago

timothytiah (avatar)

timothytiah @MichaelQuay yo!

1 month ago

cikumuffin (avatar)

cikumuffin Hi Timothy! Would you need a person with experience for this vacancy?

1 month ago

michelledolphin (avatar)

michelledolphin hopefully you'll have other openings soon cause I'm still really keen in joining the colony team #fingerscross

1 month ago

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