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Company trip in Bali

My little boy as I left him this morning for the airport. Pacifier dropped out during sleep and lays there at his eye level.

He was moving so much last night it felt like he was wrestling himself. I turned to look at him then suddenly he flipped and his tiny wrist punched me in my eye socket.

Seriously Fighter!!!

Waiting for our flight. That's @sammytsl and @opheliaong here.

My leg room.

Half my Malaysian team is flying Malindo and the other half Air Asia as part of our risk management.

Just saw @rachelyn on how much more leg room her seat on Malindo has vs air asia. Check it out for comparison.

Just read @im_celina Dayre about her 14 year old brother. I can't imagine the pain and suffering he must be going through right now. Thoughts and prayers go out to him.


Checked into the hotel. This is where I'll be sleeping for the next few days.

It comes with a little living room too

Comfy place. Only thing missing from this hotel room is a 17 month old baby and a miniature adult person. Missing them so much.

At the beach for a team building activity. This seems to be a yearly thing. Last year in Hanoi we did an amazing race kind of thing around the city and my team unexpectedly won.

This year we played all sorts of funny games on the beach. Was good fun.

After the games we all went swimming into the sea.

While watching everyone have fun of the beach I stood there and just took in the moment. The company @bossming and I started 8 years ago now with S$65,800 now employs 200 people with some of them here on this beach with us. We never took investor money or any loans. To expand the company we did so in the most traditional way. Reinvesting profits we made and growing organically in a sustainable manner.

It's times like this that I remind myself how blessed I am.

To have people like this around me on this journey of making our company an even greater one.

On the bus back to the hotel I'm reading more of @im_celina Dayre of Justin. It's heartbreaking. I can't imagine what the family is going through.

Here's me sending some positive energy to Justin. Dear Justin, I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you but be strong. Can't help but think of this quote from MULAN.

The flower that blooms is adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

Look at the positives. You have this amazing family and support system around you. And a bunch of us on Dayre now will be following your updates. #prayforjustin.

This part of @im_celina made me tear. Imagine the things we take for granted. Our very own hands. And the thought that we can't feel them anymore and we might lose them. So heartbreaking.

OMG I can't get over this.

Seeing people adding their own messages to Justin on #prayforjustin. Read two so far. So nice.

There are over 70 of us on this company trip. I brought this half out for dinner and @bossming brought the other half.

Just realized I have a scratch here on my shin from the beach. Must've been some debris in the wave.

Day 12

Monday, 12 Jan 2015

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patpat (avatar)

patpat hahahaha! eye socket!!! 😂😝

4 years ago

happynpink (avatar)

happynpink hopefully no black eye later. take care n hv a safe trip.

4 years ago

denisejlee (avatar)

denisejlee #unglam bahahahhah

4 years ago

joyeelee (avatar)

joyeelee Enjoy Bali!!!

4 years ago

melanieeeec (avatar)

melanieeeec Safe flight! 😁

4 years ago

suetyen (avatar)

suetyen Malindo have a better service too

4 years ago

rwrfn (avatar)

rwrfn Safe flight!

4 years ago

xinzhao (avatar)

xinzhao With airasia,even i gt a little leg room only

4 years ago

wanteng (avatar)

wanteng Risk management! Lol.

4 years ago

misssunshine (avatar)

misssunshine The first and second rows usually have more leg room right? At least it is for airasia and you need to pay more for it haha

4 years ago

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