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July 2019

Last night was jolted awake with my girl’s cry from another room. The specific words were ‘我要妈妈’. Funny that my body reacted faster than my brain and in my stupor, dashed to check on her. Such a dramatic moment, felt like a scene from the movies.Look at what motherhood has done to me. not all superheroes wear cape ya..

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Headache now.Should I pop a Panadol ? Pump first, maybe I’ll dump the next round of ebm.

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Went gym today, after a long hiatus of 3 years.Stop my occasional gym run after I conceived Clara in dec 2016. That’s easy to remember haha.Still 5 kg away from pre- Calvin. I can do it (i hope).

There are times I wish time will standstill, mostly for my girl to stay as she is now. Always be my little 管家婆 and have the purest of heart and emotions. If only I could, to shelter her and never to let her know the harsh realities of life.I love you so much my girl my first born 😘😘That said, I love didi equally too. Just that jie jie now is at a stage that she is capable of receiving love and reciprocating love. Your time (to be smooched endlessly) will come 😘😘

Just a random observation My baby (at 6 weeks) cries when he farts. Lol. Drama baby 😂

Oh my poor Clara 😭Time will fly past and soon we’ll fetch you back

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