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October 2018

For the past few nights, baby has been resisting dream feeding. But because he doesn’t make up for the lack of his dream fed meals, he ends up having 250-300ml less per day ( he dream feeds this much at night). Sigh. But there’s nothing we can do. We’ve been bringing him out more because we are on leave. At the expense of his naps. But we realize that we can’t keep him home forever! So out he goes to enjoy life!

Fed baby at 8pm with 100ml bm + 60ml formula and he rejected and even refused to dream feed his pure bm thereafter. Then at 12am we tried 60ml bm + 60ml fm and he rejected the dream feed. But I really have no more bm so he starved. And he didn’t take his 4am dreamfeed of bm well. Rejected his morning awake bm feed though he took it asleep at 9am. Why baby. You did drink formula before and seem to be ok with it. Ahh now I can’t wean. Sigh

Baby drank well for the past 4 days! Total daily volume hit high 800s ml!!!!But then he drank quite little today. It’s ok. At least he has no more fear of the bottle now. That being said, he still can’t drink outside. And I don’t think he can take 100% formula either. I’m trying to decrease my supply now and put him on a bit of formula so he’ll get used to the taste.

Baby hasn’t been doing his middle of the night dream feeds well. So he ended up with only 5 meals instead of 6 meals and his daily total dropped from 800ish ml to 600-700ish ml. Should I be worried? Why doesn’t he make up for the lack of milk in the day?Also, baby still isn’t drinking high volumes when awake. About 100-120ml when awake but almost 150ml when asleep (not middle of night drinks though. He drinks lesser then). His attitude towards bottle is ok. So aversion should be managed.

September 2018

Did baby experience a relapse of aversion or is it the vaccination and rotavirus? He had 80ml in the morning and then only 20ml in noon. Had to dream feed him 120ml in the afternoon

Today is a bad bad day. Baby refused to drink anything. Is it because we tried to make him drink frozen mixed formula milk? But it’s 1/3 frozen and 2/3 formula. One time is enough to get him scared of milk??? He takes formula well I think. That being said, when he was presented with formula mixed milk yesterday, he rejected even tasting it. He can’t have known it’ll taste bad right?Is this a step back day or is his aversion back?

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