wibbit (avatar)
updated 4 months ago

not done any wedding thing for 3 months

Help on VG!!!

So I haven’t done any wedding thing for 3 months largely because I was just lazy/ work was killing me at one point during peak/ think I still have time to dingdong.

Help on VG!!!!

Initially thought I didn’t need a VG but on second thought a video that compiles some moments will be nice. I have limited budget though (<$1.4k). Don’t exactly need SDE, just someone to capture some moments. Any recommendations??? πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Going to TGC at end of the month for second fit!

Am excited to check out the new gown collection!!!! After seeing many #dayrebrides post pics of the new gowns!!!! Looks like there’s quite a lot of potential hahaha. I already paid for the deposit but still excited!

December bride but alr started to get rsvps!

I think what triggered it was someone in the Dec group chat who said she reached out to friends and family and already gotten rejects at beg Feb. I was shocked!! So started to send a combination of save the dates and rsvp links right after CNY.

True enough a classmate alr committed to attending a KL wedding (and bought the air ticket) T.T

Anyhow I will recommend withjoy.com the level of customisation is amazing! I’m able to put in stories of us and full schedule of the day + maps!

Day 77

Monday, 18 Mar 2019

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kittyyz (avatar)

kittyyz babe!! I am getting married in Dec 2019 too! saw that you mentioned that there's a Dec group chat! mind adding me in? my telegram is kittyyz

3 months ago

sktxx (avatar)

sktxx Hi!! Would u mind adding me in the Dec 2019 chat too? Tq!! ☺️☺️ My tele is t_skkkk

2 months ago

kittykitkat (avatar)

kittykitkat Hihi babe~ I’m also getting married in Dec this year!! Can you add me to the group chat too? My tele is linqilinqi, thank you!!

1 month ago

throughtheglass (avatar)

throughtheglass @sktxx @kittykitkat just saw this and have asked admin to add y’all :)

1 month ago

germzt (avatar)

germzt Hello! Could I trouble you to add me to the dec btb group too? germzt29, thanks!! :)

1 month ago

mabellau (avatar)

mabellau Hi babe. I’m a dec ‘19 btb too. Can add me into the telegram chat? Handle is mabellau. Thanks!

2 days ago

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