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TGC - more gowns trying!

Love TGC’s new place 🌈

Just going to do a photo dump! I’m very in love with the cheongsam though. Can’t figure if I should pay few hundred bucks more just to wear it for one hour??? Probably not...? What do you guys think T.T

Super love the cheongsams and I think they are much newer/ intricate than the ones Bqueens had to offer.

A very tiny mermaid piece (the bride was so small!!) with a pretty pink tail

A classic nude mesh that is REALLY light and comfortable

I asked to try this piece on display cos it was really grand and sparkly but it’s too huge for me! But love the grandness


Side view

I love this boho piece which is really light and esp the back view!!!

Unfortunately the front has really too much cloth for me though Michelle mentioned they could take the cloth in

Still in love with Michelle’s new place!!

It’s T-6 months and I feel like I need to speed things up!!!


Day 155

Tuesday, 4 Jun 2019

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windmillsandmerlion (avatar)

windmillsandmerlion i say spend for the cheongsams. i liked them so much i decided to do a shoot in it lol

1 month ago

fullofdusk (avatar)

fullofdusk I love #2,3,4 on you!

1 month ago

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