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Affordable tailors in Singapore

Tailoring suits

The boy decided that instead of getting rented suits for the wedding for say $100 (with TGC since my gown will be from Michelle), he would just pay more to keep a suit so that he can use it in the future for work etc.

The lookout for local suits started from TGW. Where they had a promo for <$1500 where you get 1 suit to keep + 1 gown + MUA. However we felt that their suit is more of them altering a ready made one.

The hunt for local tailor continues! Some tailors we considered:


Tailor Couture

Their promotional rates are slightly less than <$300 for 2 piece. TBH was quite keen on them since their place looks nice and all. Reviews are generally positive and BFF’s Husband got his suit there as well!

However, upon reading further reviews, I realised that they send their suits to BKK back and forth to be made.

And a few reviews commented that measurements were not properly done (perhaps they were also last minute and all) but the back and forth to BKK means a lot of lead time.

Don’t want to take the risk of not getting the suit ready in time!

Ethan men

Another friend and his brother both tailored there! 2 price starts from $399 now. Two years ago my friend tailored for closer to $350.

Raving reviews apparently! From online + my friend.

Red dot bespoke

2 piece from $309!

At this point in time I also figured that FROM ... means, that’s the worst material. Better material = add more $$$.

✔️ Seah Im Tailor

We settled from this! A mid-tier material suit is $280. Two piece. 3 piece is $360.

What’s more, our PWS is in July. From July till Dec, if the boy changes in size, Uncle will help you will alterations for free!!!!

Just a background on the tailors at Seah Im food centre. There are several tailors there. A few of them like Ai Lee and Ai Mee are related (read online and we saw the same uncle close shutters for several shops - can’t rmb other names).

Seah Im tailor is standalone.

We went on Sunday and the auntie gave us lots of opinions on choosing colours. There were also many ready made suits there so you can see the colour of fabric against the ready made ones - made tons of difference for us. Some navy dark blue fabric looks ok standalone but when made into suit doesn’t look nice.

And there were so many ready made suits that were waiting for collection so I guess they are really popular!

A couple of young guys (4-5) also came by to get measurements in the 1hour.

Happy to let the nice Uncle earn the money! He is not the sales/ gimmicky kind. Something which I really appreciate!

This is the shade we have chosen!!

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