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✔️ Wedding bands <$1000 (in total)

Why did I decide to get wedding band eventually

Initially I had this idea of not wanting any wedding band for myself because I am not a jewellery person and I’m clumsy as hell. I’m happy enough just to wear my engagement ring so why do I need to waste extra $$ on a wedding band.

Yet I wanted the boy to wear one

To ward off girls.

I have heard and seen many cases of girls going after married guys and I think the first step of warding them off is for the boy to wear a wedding band ALWAYS.

THE BOY was not happy about it because he says he will confirm lose it and if I’m not going to wear my band always then why should he. And all his guy friends say it’s very ding deh.

Affordable ones: Meysons v Poh Kim

Long story short I wanted a plain band but ended up with half eternity (which can be resized with ease if I should get fatter compared to full eternity which needs more $$).

Between Meysons and Poh Kim, I felt that Poh Kim has a slight edge due to even lower prices and more customisation. Case in point: Meysons could resize for free but they are not going to return u the “gold” that they shave off etc.

Plain guys band + half eternity < $1000!

There was a lot of designs to choose from from Poh Kim. I was stuck for one over hour cos even for half eternity rings alone there are so many types of widths, size of diamonds, colour of gold, different variation of designs (v shape, criss cross etc).

WHAT IS MORE: free engraving!

His plain band

This is too big for me but yes the diamonds are white and not like yellowish ones in case you are skeptical about the price point.

The stacked look (my e ring has a lower height so I can never close the gap...) but yeah, partly why I have to choose a really thin band! And if one band is thicker than the rest then it looks really weird too. We tried a really thick and sparkly eternity ring and it looked Super weird. Attention is taken away from the e ring.

Can’t wait to collect them

Will update on the actual price of the rings!!! When we collect them in end June.


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Sunday, 2 Jun 2019

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lavenderstory (avatar)

lavenderstory Shall wait for your update! I'm also deciding between these two jewellers for my wedding bands. Am looking at the half eternity band too 😍

1 month ago

throughtheglass (avatar)

throughtheglass @lavenderstory Hello! U can see the half eternity band from Meysons in the previous post. I think total cost for PK is lower cos the guy’s band is a lot cheaper and you pay by weight versus Meysons which might not have the right size/ thickness. Will update when I receive them! :)) still thinking of what to engrave haha

1 month ago

throughtheglass (avatar)

throughtheglass @lavenderstory hello I have collected my bands! @throughtheglass:160619 hope the reviww helps :)

1 month ago

lavenderstory (avatar)

lavenderstory Thank you!! ❤️ I've also made an appt for this weekend. Excited! 😍

3 weeks ago

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