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✔️ Seah Im Tailor / wedding band help

$280 for two piece medium range fabric quality

We collected the suit at Seah Im Tailor at Seah Im food market opposite VivoCity. Note that there are several tailors there which may be quite confusing!

Took about one month for the suit to be done cos we were lazy to drag our feets down for base fitting and lazy to collect the suit. Just thought I would share the final product here:

You may compare to the fabric in the previous post (click back)

Did not make a vest

Because it would be too hot and I read a Dayre post which says her tailor suggested her to Taobao it if she really wants a vest (which is genius) cos who is going to wear the vest again???

Struggled with the colour

So we initially thought of choosing dark blue. A much darker shade than the shade we ended up with!

But after trying on a full suit (of the darker blue) we realised that the colour is actually too dark + makes the boy look much older than he is!

Tip: Once you choose the colour, ALWAYS ask if there is a full suit of the same colour that you can try on. Some colours may look good one a small square sample fabric but not too nice when made into full suit. And vice versa.

Thank god it turned out well. I initially thought it would be too light! My criteria was that it must be dark enough to be professional for work conferences, blue enough to be special for the groom, and not so dark to make you a dull person.

While waiting for the suit I was quite apprehensive about how the actual colour will come out (cos there wasn’t a ready made suit with this colour available then) and Glad it turned out well. At one point I was quite sian thinking WHY WE DIDNT JUST GO WITH BLACK...


Uncle is very good at his works

Uncle is friendly and is nothing like those that try to upsell you (typical sales man). He and auntie leaves you alone to choose your colour, doesn’t chase you, and auntie does have a good eye for leading us to this colour eventually! He didn’t really need us to put a huge deposit either. Everything is based upon trust and that is how society should be!

I feel like this whole wedding prep... the experiences are really about meeting Iike minded people.

If you want to be served tea and shown a nice waiting corner in a fancy shop that is air-conditioned then yeah you are paying for service but not too sure how much of that goes into the suit..

For me I prefer to be down to earth while saving some money! ^^

Wedding band help

I see a lot of ppl getting their bands from Poh Kim! Any idea how much would an eternity band cost?

I saw this for $400 at Meysons #dayrebrides


Day 141

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

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Cynnificant (avatar)

Cynnificant hmm. if i rem correctly. poh kim quoted $600 for the eternity ring.

1 month ago

w4nd3rlu5t (avatar)

w4nd3rlu5t $400 is definitely worth getting☺️

1 month ago

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