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August 2019

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Yas! My mother jio-Ed us to go Perth next month last week.This morning she said ‘I am redeeming the tickets!’😂So am going to Perth next month!Last time I was there I was standard 5! More than 20’years Liao.When I was living in Aussie I didn’t bother to visit Perth 🤦🏻‍♀️ so my husband first time !!! Now to look into what to do.Btw just want to say many many congrats and a very happy birthday to the sweetest @allykay88 ! Finally an EP that I know and so well deserve! Love u babe!!

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This stylist so semangat to do pattern on my nape.

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My parents bought this mini kaya kok from Ipoh.Yum yum even though it is the day after

The inevitable has happened. Oy vey I don’t know how to response.

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Was waiting for my koi bubble to be made - I browse the accessories shop in front of it.This piece caught my eyes and it is made in Korea ( guessing better quality? Lol! ) so I bought it .

July 2019

I think today is my first proper teacher and parent meeting for D.Just want to list this down so that I can look back and reference.1. The teacher worried that he is a daydreamer. He daydream a lot (I think he got this from me, I used to daydream a lot too. I could stare into a spot and daydream. Freak out some of my colleague who thought I stared at them lol). She is worried he is not learning everything. He is probably gaining 40% of what is being thought. He spelling test are terrible

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