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July 2019

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To prevent gastric-like pain, I realised I need to eat lots of small meals

Painful Gas

Last thurs, I felt super bloated and a lot of gas inside my tummy. At dinner time, it worsen. It was so painful, like gastric pain. I couldn’t stand straight and walk properly. I quickly return home, and lie flat. There’s slight pain the next day evening, also like gastric. After I lie flat, it got better.I decided to visit a gynae, he says some pregnant woman might experience more bloated and gas. He did a scan for me, the baby is all well.

June 2019

5W2D // First Scan

Had my first transvaginal ultrasound today, definitely not a pleasant experience😅 I still feel the pain now.The sonographer took a long time for the scan. Finally we are relieved to see the gestational sac!! Even removing the scan took a long time, the sonographer told me I was too tensed. (But it was really painful for me) Another proluton jab was injected today, it’s a weekly jab for me.Reaching home, i still need to insert Crinone Gel 😫😪Next scan is 3 weeks later!

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Just visited my family doctor for some cream to apply on my piles. Usually if I carry heavy things, it will bleed when I poop. During my 2ww, I didn’t carry any heavy stuffs. Perhaps due to the heaty food I ate, the piles bleed again.Anyway ytd when I poop, it start to bleed again :( So I guess I need some ointment for the piles now!

BT Day // 12dp5dt

I mixed up my BT date (Blur and forgetful), lucky my husband state of mind is still clear. My blood test is actually on 10/06, and tested positive with HCG: 1186Very very happy, but also abit worried and nervous at the same time. The next day went back clinic to see doctor, and took proluton jab at the butt. The jab stings abit, but 1-2hrs later I still feel pain when I sit on it.Little one, thanks for sticking tight :)

2WW symptoms

To all #ivf sisters, can you share what symptoms did you experience during your 2ww?

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