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updated 1 year ago

WOW...surpassed 1k followers thanks to hundreds of u from Kampung 1.0.

thanks guys. thank you for the follows!😘

❤ & much appreciation,
@themusician aka Charmaine

gist of it is that we should fill in the survey if we want to give Dayre a chance to survive.

Dramatic much but it's what it is so I'm just gonna do my part to share this piece of info.

Though i don't write actively anymore, I'll have to admit it is nice to still be able to keep the app going mainly coz of memories and virtual/real life friendship we have all developed of the years. oh em gee....yup..YEARS.🙊

so yea...if u got time then just give it a few clicks. nothing to lose except a few minutes of our time. Cheers!!

PS : If Dayre survives , we no need to so susah payah download our grandma grandpa entries also.😂🙊

Day 43

Monday, 12 Feb 2018

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