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"User not found" Tip & Remedy

If u are having the same issue as me when u click on the "link" , try this alternative...

tap n hold onto "link" and this should come up....

Click on "copy url" and open it in your browser and u should see something like this....


Though i have yet to receive the download link and experience the whole saving your dear posts process, i am already very grateful to the Dayre team for giving us this option instead of just gulung tikar n disappear like a speck of dust. So yea, thank you @blog for the effort. Much appreciated.❀

hehe..for old time sake. Remember my fruit platter??πŸ˜€

Ironically, just like Dayre, my work at hotel 1 will be coming to an end too!! I officially finish my contract on the 28th of February.

Bittersweet coz on one hand,it's one less paycheck but on the other hand, im so glad the 6 yrs++ of playing piano daily at 3pm has finally come to an end. I like it coz it's easy but it also limits me from trying other stuff. So yea, i think minus the paycheck, I'm glad i get a change in routine.☺ from Instastories.

Also quite ironically, i recently accepted a violin/piano teacher position at the German International School a few months ago.

I told my boss back then that i can only teach limited hours coz of Hotel 1. So now it all works out well lah coz then i can give them more hours and more kids will get a chance to learn from me.

I dunno what's up but the universe has been directing me right back into teaching. 10 yrs ago, i was teaching close to 50 students and eventually had enough of it and focused more on performing.

Though I'm still actively performing now, i find myself teaching more n more of late. In fact, that's exactly what i wanna do when i uproot to Australia. Just teach a handful(or 2) of students at home and chill the fu*k out.πŸ˜‚

Day 45

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018

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sunflower999 (avatar)

sunflower999 I don't even have the email yet 😒😒😒😒

1 year ago

themusician (avatar)

themusician @sunflower999 i only got it at around midnight yesterday. give it a few more hours and see how. if still don't have then just email them.

1 year ago

birdnestfern (avatar)

birdnestfern thanks for the tip!! i was fretting over the "content restricted" thing πŸ˜…

1 year ago

sunflower999 (avatar)

sunflower999 oh well, Australia might be in one of the last batches given the small user base. .. actually I don't even know how they batch the emails. Just being FOMO πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

1 year ago

rynas (avatar)

rynas MAYOR!!! We will follow you to wherever!

1 year ago

loveylynn (avatar)

loveylynn yay thanks for the tip!

1 year ago

themusician (avatar)

themusician @birdnestfern i also was like oh no....pls don't let this be more complicated than it should be 🀣

@sunflower999 worry not. i believe they won't deprive anyone lah. just hope u will get it soon!😘

@rynas lols!! aiyoyo...mayor so honoured❀

@loveylynn u r welcome!πŸ€—

1 year ago

januarylove (avatar)

januarylove thanks for the tip! Mine was the same too, and now solved with ur tip~ 😘

1 year ago

audreylxc (avatar)

audreylxc wahhh that fruit platter!!! haven't seen it in ages

1 year ago

themusician (avatar)

themusician @januarylove yay!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

@audreylxc aud a year plus! i can't get over how fast time pasts lah aiyo...πŸ˜…

1 year ago

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