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updated 1 year ago

For all your support at WordPress...Thank You.☺

I will try to blog as frequent as i possibly can. Actually, i really should coz i have close to no penned down memories for whole of 2017. πŸ˜‚


My memory is damn shit also....hardly recall what happened whole of 2017 fml.🀣

So.....yes....finally something good coming up from this whole Dayre Kaput saga. It's making me write again.πŸ˜„

Day 59

Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018

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arthursseat (avatar)

arthursseat Dayre has a stay of execution for a few more weeks, so you can write here!

1 year ago

genuinethoughts (avatar)

genuinethoughts Hi Charmaine, do you mind giving me your email address to contact you regarding Oz PR? Am planning to apply, and wanna get your email since you have experienced the application process. And since Dayre might be closed down for good 😝😝 then cannot ask you d. Any other form of contact is good too if you are not comfortable in giving your email add! 😊😊

1 year ago

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