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SY so frus just now trying to arrange mil's guests. Problem is we can never understand why must invite the whole taman of friends!! 😡 Grrrr.. I mean for a wedding, just invite those who are close and important enuff la..

And all these least important ppl will give you headache of not confirming to attend.

Like mine no problem coz 7 tables relatives, 3 tables close friends. So just get confirmation early and that's it.

If we can cut off the taman friends that will be 5 or 6 tables less. Which is even better! And all these ppl really go just to gossip with their own gang and not even sincere is celebrating the wedding with us I'm sure. Coz they don't even know who the heck we are!

Rule of thumb: just invite those who are really close and they won't ffk u last minute and are really sincere in celebrating with u coz they know u and watch u grow.

So cute, got one of SY's aunty whole family cannot come give us a red packet with post it notes on the notes somemore. For this, usually my family would decline to take coz already early early say cannot come liow mah so already don't need to count them in. But this aunty insist to give. So next time must treat her back

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Sunday, 12 Jul 2015

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