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hauls and such. 🛍

Okay I decided to stop backdating cos it's just too much of a hassle haha. Moving this over from my last post...


It's the teacher's day weekend, so LF is on holiday! 😎 he took over parenting duties so I could go run some errands hehe. (And he put Liam down for his 3rd nap beautifully too! 😍👏👏👏 good job daddy!)

My first stop of the day was...

The Kingkoil
Warehouse Sale Preview! 🛏

I was invited to check out the annual warehouse sale, starting tmr! Today's the sale preview and I was given $300 to shop. Lemme bring you guys on a virtual tour so you could decide for yourselves if you wanna make a trip down this weekend! #dayrehomes

The sale is held in their office building at Sungei Kadut, and takes up both indoor and outdoor space! I checked out the indoor stuff first. Go straight up to L5 for their premium bed linens! The cheaper range is all displayed outdoors.

Made a beeline for this danish designer range hehe. 👆

Sale must see price right? 🙈👆

Everything from this range comes with white fitted sheets, so it's great if you like solid coloured sheets with pretty quilt and pillow covers!

I love the designs in this range, just simple checks or pinstripes or polka dots. 😍 Was very tempted by this particular set!

Here's how it's supposed to look hehe. So chic! It's very weighty material as well, feels like hotel sheets hehe.


Next, found a whole shelf of solid coloured sheet sets! Never a fan of fancy designs on my bed. 😅 these white ones would work swell in a minimalistic home.

Again, price list for yall!

Lotsa neutral hues, which I love. ❤

Next, ventured out and I found their premium bedding corner! 😍 This is where I camped for the rest of my time there hahahahh

Another danish line, and it's main selling point is that everything is machine washable. 😍 you can throw the pillows and quilts into your washing machine and nothing is gonna get clumpy! How awesome is that! It's a dream range for a germophobe like me la.

Tagging my fellow #dayremums here cos this range includes pregnancy, baby and junior pillows! 🙌

Got excited over this like a true #dayremum hehe. Baby pillow and duvet that's hypoallergenic and machine washable! 😍

You guys know the moo moo kow pillow that I got for Liam? I've alr washed it a couple of times cos Liam keeps eating it (drool all over!!!!) and it is alr super clumpy. 😅 So I really love the fact that this range can be easily washed! #dayremummies

The pack includes covers for the pillow and duvet, so it's really a great price! U.P. $169 and it's only $60 at the sale. 😱

Pillow is adequately flat enough for baby. 👍 One of the newborn pillows I got for Liam was so ridiculously thick, I didn't even know how to place him on it. 😓 he looked like he would choke la! And it was an expensive latex pillow okay. 😩 so this is good!

Love these disclaimers on baby products hehe. The whole range is made w safe textiles!

They also have a junior pillow option! It's also flat like the baby pillow, but bigger. I've been looking for a suitable pillow for Liam cos his baby pillows are all so small for him now (he slides off them after a while cos he can't stay still haha), so I pounced right at this! 😁

Until I discovered... there's a microgel version! 😍 It's a down alternative that feels exactly like down, but with thermal insulation qualities and require minimal care.

Made in korea sounds good also keke.

Reaaaally feels like down! 😍

Next, I found this much needed section - waterproof protectors! Hahaha. #momlife!!

I'm very suaku leh, didn't know there were pillow protectors also. Liam alr drool all over my pillow! Sobs. Faster grab. 😅

Aiyo my price list v bright sobs sorry. Basically, they have two ranges - a basic range (top half of the list) and a premium au naturale range made 100% from eucalyptus (bottom half of the list). 😍

No need to guess which range I went for la haha. Just gimme anything natural!

And my loots for a grand total of $310 filled up my entire back seat. 😅 Which is amazing because the original price of that duvet I bought is alr past $300. 😎 Lemme show you guys what I got...

But not without saying first that I lugged all these back on my own haha. 💪💪💪 heavy can!! Drive there if you can! There's no parking in the building tho, gotta park along the road!

Firstly, got this summer duvet from FossFlakes. 😍 this whole range is packaging on-point. 👍

U.P. $399, Sale Price $150. 😱 #whut

Thin and perfect for our climate.

And sooo soft too!

✔ hypoallergenic
✔ machine washable
✔ dryer friendly


Also got this down-alternative junior pillow for Liam. ❤ I forgot the UP but it was just $25! Cheaper than any of his newborn pillows haha.

And also, a pillow from the same range for my man child haha. He very poor thing, gave up his pillow for Liam cos Liam likes a snug space to sleep. 😅

This is Kingkoil's hotel range and there are 5 diff firmness to choose from, ranging from super soft to extra firm. Can have your pillow menu at home! Haha.

U.P. $90, Sale Price $50 😍 And aunty was trying very hard to convince me to buy 4 cos buy 4 get 1 free! Haha! Very worth it for you #dayrehomes peeps la. The pillows really feel like down!

Last but not least, mattress and pillow protectors! 🙌

Mattress protector U.P. $99, Sale Price $40
Pillow protectors U.P $39, Sale Price 2 for $35

100% natural ey. 😍

Here are the sale deets for those who are keen to go! 🙌 Ends on Monday. Really worth a trip down if you're refurbishing your bedroom or moving into a new home!

Happy with my solo shopping trip hehe. So thankful for the me-time! Oh and I'm wearing a top from the new #theclosetlover collection! 😁 Thank you @bertillawong for this! ❤

PS. Am I balding?! This postpartum hair fall is getting out of hand. Hair falling off in bunches!! 😭

Next I went to collect a manual breastpump that I bought off carousell and thought I could bring to BKK in lieu if my spectra S1... but I tried it last night and could barely get any yield!! 😭 money down the drain sobs. Or am I using it wrong? 😓

Anyways, borrowed an S9 from a friend the trip instead! So nervous abt not having my freezer stash there. Is it possible for me to bring some over, #dayremummies? 😓


Since I'm on hauls, lemme share some other stuff I received in the past week:

A + O 👕

Received these bunny suits for Liam from A+O (@/apluso on IG). So so cute!! Gonna dress Liam in the grey one for the flight tmr haha.


Packaging also on point. 👌 great as baby shower gifts?



Old Seng Choong. 🍰

Ooh, what's that on my bag hook? New bag?

Nope. It's mooncakes in a leather tote from Old Seng Choong! 😱 Each tin comes w its own leather tote!

I was amaaaazed to receive the mooncakes in such a sturdy tote haha. Awesome packaging can?! Super presentable as gifts!

Posted this on IG stories when I received it a couple weeks back and so many people were like "mooncakes?!" Hahahhaah

Received two tins from them. 😍 The brown tote contains the snowskins and the burgundy, traditional!

Spammed photos of the tote because I was really impressed haha. Beats the regular paper bags hands down la!

The tins inside are very pretty too! Hehe.

This is the box of snowskins. It's an alcoholic range, and each flavour comes with a diff kind of alcoholic truffle inside. 😍

And this contains the traditionally baked mooncakes!

Tadah! 🙌 their mooncake molds also so nice leh. Such intricate patterns!

A closer look for yall.

Two diff flavours for the baked ones - 1) custard (w yolk) and 2) lotus seed. I personally really love the custard one. 👍 my dad loves that one too! I find the lotus seed one a tad too sweet.

Next, the snowskins, which I really love! 8 mini mooncakes looking so pretty like jewels hehe.

4 flavours in a box and they are:
- passionfruit martini mint
- cranberry choya
- coffee whisky
- chocolate rum

My fave is the cranberry. 😍 the passionfruit mint is reallt yummeh too!

I've always loved snowskin mooncakes and the snowskin on these are just the right thickness, and awesomely chewy. 😋

Bit by bit, LF and I finished up the mooncakes hehe. And we also ordered am extra apple pie from OSC cos LF missed it! Haha. Very shiok to have dessert in the fridge waiting for us every night la. 😋😋😋

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Friday, 1 Sep 2017

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kusumomo (avatar)

kusumomo Do you see mattress for kids at the sale? Thanks!

1 year ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker @kusumomo they have a baby cot w mattress for sale but just that one model! so pretty limited I must say. 🙈

1 year ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker @kusumomo oh sorry, they also had a kid bed on display! so kid mattress shld be avail! :)

1 year ago

jazreeltan (avatar)

jazreeltan The danish designer sheets are so pretty!!!!!!!!! But sungai kadut 😫😫😫

1 year ago

bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong 😘😘😘😘

1 year ago

kusumomo (avatar)

kusumomo Thank you!!

1 year ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker @jazreeltan yes v pretty, really! and ahem dont laugh at me, I live 10 mins away from Sungei kadut! muahahaha!

1 year ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker @bertillawong ❤❤❤

1 year ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker @kusumomo np! :)

1 year ago

jellybingz (avatar)

jellybingz Hello Shuying! Been a silent reader for quite awhile~ enjoyed reading ur posts and they are quite relatable as our kiddos are about few mths apart 😁 may I ask for your travel how are u planning to transport milk back? I have an upcoming trip and been worrying about logistics too ~

1 year ago

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