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March 2018

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wedding talk: when pastel meets metallics.

Ah this month is flying by. My little man is turning one! 😱Haven't been on dayre for a while cos there are lesser updates from people now and not much content to read daily. 😳 haven't quite had time or mood to update too cos it's just such a busy month.Planning a simple shoot on Liam's birthday because LF hates parties with all his heart. ☻ Had to begggg for the shoot too and yay, im glad he relented! πŸ˜… just wanted nice photos to remember the day by. πŸ’•

why we liddat?

@lynnnnn's crazy hat story really intrigues me. Let's discuss shall we, #dayremummies? I'm only a new mum but just 11 months in, I'm alr fully aware that there are many instances in parenthood where you have to eat your pre-parenthood words. Like I used to be all like, "when I have a kid, he's gonna follow my schedule. I'm not changing my life for him!" But ha ha ha guess who chiongs home every 3 hours now so that Liam won't miss any naps? πŸ™‹‍β™‚οΈπŸ™‹‍β™‚οΈπŸ™‹‍♂️ #jokesonme

Had to work today so husband had to solo parent for half a day and put Liam to bed. I got home just after Liam fell asleep and asked husband how it went. He said,

Guys, if you're following me on wp, I'm so sorry but you're gonna be spammed w emails from me gulp. Decided to redo my exports since now they come w titles 😣 I'm so sorry!!!

February 2018

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saying sorry // dayre babies. 😍

I shld be writing this on wordpress but haiya. I'm really not good with changes. So here I am. Just feel compelled to share about last night... It was dark, I was driving, turned into the wrong car park and in a fluster to get out, hit a cab on the side. It wasn't a strong hit but it did scratch both vehicles and my license plate fell off. 😩

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