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January 2019

Liam's 2nd first day of school tmr (well technically today since its past midnight). His first disastrous first day at the prev school still haunting me. But we spent time praying with and for him as D-day approaches. And now it's tomorrow! May God walk ahead of my little boy and help him to love learning, love exploring and know that wherever he is, he is never alone.

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BASIS is a little late in launching our CNY collection (dang shipment delays!) but I'm really happy with the pieces we chose to bring in and also, how the shoot went. Received the photos just a while back and scrolling through the album just made me smile. Pretty different from our usual vibe but @shuls fought for a city shoot and I'm glad she did! Once in a while share shameless biz photos can right? Hurhur.

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happy shoot

Been a while since we did a fam shoot! So glad that this happened. Shot by Hayden from @/ on IG. Too many shots that I really love, so I shall do a photo dump here instead of spamming them on IG.

A couple of days ago, someone I was hanging out with suddenly touched my mum tum and exclaimed "why so big! Are you pregnant?"(IM NOT LA) I said no la! It's just there after having Liam lo *points to the boy who's running around like a maniac haha*She said oh, she also has it but not so big. ---

First day of school for papa! Our conversations at home today:Liam: 爸爸... 爸爸不在家! (Papa... papa's not at home!)Me: 是啊爸爸去做工。(Ya papa's at work.)Liam: 爸爸去学校! (Papa go to school!)He visited papa at work last Nov at the school's open house. 😂---

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vow renewal?

Happy 2019 from the merry Liows! 🙆🏻‍♀️ altho someone doesn't look that merry at all. Lol.We were up bright and early to attend LF's brother's vow renewal. It's their 10th wedding anniversary. ❤

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