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Srichand Powder First Impressions! / Restocked goodies

Went on a trip to Bangkok Thailand recently, so I handed over all ~duties~ to dear K.

well I made it up by bringing loads of goodies for her!! Infact, I also brought back a new beauty product for her 😂

Sadly, I did not make any trip to Eve and Boy, nor did I spend hours at the drugstore and Sephora. Feeling a bit regretful thinking about it now :(

But I guess it's ok.. I'll make sure to go to Bangkok again soon. Shall we, K?

A random trip to a drugstore to search for K's beauty product had me chance upon this brand called Srichand!

I left the drugstore purchasing 2 of the product from that brand and I can't believe it took me less than 10 seconds to decide and buy hahah. Didn't even blink an eye when I paid for it. I'll tell you why in a bit!

Srichand Powder

Srichand is apparently a renowned and legendary thai cosmetic brand. They have been around since 1948 and have recently rebranded their products, retaining the vintage bits still, to attract the younger consumers. Their powders can be mixed with water and use in form of mask.

I had quite a hard time trying to know more about the product on Google - just 1 or 2 reviews. There isn't a #srichand hashtag on dayre even! (here's the first haha)

This is what I found on their website:

Since 1948 Srichand has accumulated not just years of experience but has also cultivated and passed on deep-rooted knowledge of how best to pamper Thai skin. Due to this profound understanding, Srichand has made the development of products that are perfect for oily skin its sole mission


I think they succeeded in the rebranding because their design caught my attention. Sucker for pretty packagings lol

And I grabbed the products despite knowing only - TRANSLUCENT POWDER, PERFECT FOR OILY SKIN and SINCE 1948.


I was sold at the "Perfect for oily skin" word. I mean, you gotta be good at this for you to put "Perfect for oily skin" right haha. Also, I figured it probably was a legendary brand since its been around since 1948.

It isn't very expensive, retailing at about 300 baht. But it is the most expensive one out of the 3. Almost 2-4 times the price.

But... perfect for oily skin? Take my money. Take allllllllll

The back, all in thai words.

I sort of destroyed the box LOL. It came off when I took off the sticker >.<

This is the container. It's made of plastic - nothing fanciful / atas.

The inside!

I have mix feelings about the puff after using it twice. I love the quality, but I dislike that the handle is tight? It fits only 2 fingers maximum. K loves it as she thinks the other puffs are quite loose.

I personally prefer the looser version. Maybe it's just me - I couldn't apply the powder properly because it feels restricted. So I might change the puff and try again!

A bad close up of the puff haha.

Although I complained about the handle, I really love the colour and quality of the puff, it's sturdy and soft and it feels so elegant!

The powder is translucent meaning it's suitable for all skin tone! I love that it is lightweight too.

As for oil controlling, I won't be able to give a definite answer because I felt that the puff was not suitable for me to use. I will change the puff and report back 😬

A how-to video to use the Translucent Powder

This is their Original Scented Powder. According to the illustration in the instruction booklet, it says to mix one part powder and one part water to form a paste to be used as a mask. I don't think I will do that, am planning to try to use it as a setting powder first.

I haven had the time to explore this product yet - so I will leave the review for this in the near future!

And the side.

Don't you think the design is quite attention catching? 😍😍

The back

This is the Srichand Tanaka Gold Powder Mask.

It is recommended for oil-control preventing the cause of pimples, treating prickly heat, itches, rashes and beautifying the skin.

It is meant to be used as a mask - by mixing 2 part powder and 1 part water. Leave it on for 15-30mins before washing it off.

I have used this for about 3 times thus far and each time using different method to see what works for me.

Loving the vintage floral design of Srichand powders!!

One of the downside of this product - there is no way I can keep the powder in the container without spilling out since there isn't a way I can "cover" those holes. I have to be careful about keep them 😓

This is the How-To for the Tanaka Gold Powder Mask

I have used this gold powder mask 3 times and each time in different ways.

The first time was tried using the cover of the container. It.was.a.mess 😱 The lightweight powder flew all over the counter table. It was That lightweight! And not all product could be mixed. There were bits and pieces here and here in the paste. Maybe I was too determined to mix everything?

I proceeded to apply it on my face left it to dry for 30 minutes. I saw the number 30 on the instruction booklet

My first impression then was - it dries easily and naturally - you almost forgot you had a mask on.

Secondly was the washing off. I noticed I had this thin layer of filter like on my skin. And there were tiny gold specks on my face. Personally I didn't like the washing off part because my face felt rough. My logic was that my face wasn't cleansed enough, but any further rubbing would have hurt my skin. So I guess that's how it should have been?

The second time I decided I wanted to use a small bowl. So I came back to Singapore and went to Daiso to purchase a small bowl!

When I laid this out I was quite confident i wouldn't make a mess. Means not even a single powder would fly out hahah.

But nah. It still did. Maybe not as much as the first time! So users gotta be careful when mixing~

I used quite a bit of powder but after mixing it wasn't a lot. I probably have to use like 30% of the product to have a decent amount of paste :/

The end result was - my skin look softer, like I had a filter on! My pores look reduced and my scars lightened after a wash (maybe thanks to the left over of powder?). However the face still felt dry/rough While washing. I think I am finishing it in a wrong way. Perhaps I should clean it off with a damp towel..

Prior to watching the how-to video, this is the consistency I got. I think I used too little powder and water 😳😅

why does it look so different from the video Hahahah. Oh well! I will try again over the next two days!

Third try was last night! I found the how to video and watch it before putting it on. This time, I poured the product on my palm and mixed it, But still the consistency was still different from the video Lolol.

It was a good time to test the product again cause I have a new pimple! don't think the powder did help control my oil production, I woke up with oily skin - just not as oily as usual. Using the Freeman Diamond mask or Annie's way mask will give me the drier skin I love waking up to.

What surprised me was my pimple. It was inflamed last night, Red and painful. But this morning it wasn't painful at all. I think it helped to calm the inflammation. Guess what I need next would be the COSRX acne pimple patch 😂

While purchasing an extra Translucent Powder to gift K, I chanced upon these mini cuties!!!

It's so cute!! So mini and you can put this in your makeup pouch to touch up! It's about the size of a 50cent coin. It's also perfect for trying out the powder!!

However, the sad thing is it does not come with powder puff. So you will have to use your powder puff for it 😑

Also, it does not come with lock and unlock function like the full size product. It only has a transparent plastic cover to separate the cover.

It seem more like a refill than a mini pack to bring out. Lol

The product introduction:

Award winning and one of the best-selling facial product in Thailand. Srichand Translucent Powder is an extremely fine and silky powder for your makeup without any alteration of color. The translucent particles help promoting the natural radiant skin, create smooth and flawless finish on all skin tone, leaving skin light with long-lasting comfort

Yes.... I think I grabbed quite a bit. Lol.

I was kiasu~ worried I would love the product and wouldn't have a way of getting them hahah. But these are the extras to let go, so, if any of the dayre beauty girls are interested, do head to our #shopee or #carousell! It is the same username as our dayre - thelaotongs. We have not uploaded it yet though 🙈

We have the mini size Translucent Powder, Original Scented powder and also the Tanaka Gold Powder Mask up for grab 🤗


I googled more information on the Tanaka Gold Powder Mask and apparently one of the website selling it says to NOT RINSE OFF.


Is that why my face feels rough and dry While washing? :/

But after it dries, I did a gentle sweep across my face and the white powder came off my face eh. Am I suppose to sleep with it? I think i will wake up to white powder all over my bedsheet please 😩

More googling to be done.......

Day 257

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2016

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huilinnnn (avatar)

huilinnnn Hi may I know how much does the mini srichand cost?

2 years ago

thelaotongs (avatar)

thelaotongs Hi @huilinnnn ! We are selling it for $2.50, can't remember the RTP in Bangkok. We have sold off all mini translucent powder! Maybe you can read more reviews and consider getting the original one at $15.90? :)

2 years ago

huilinnnn (avatar)

huilinnnn Hehe okie dokie! Thank youu💕

2 years ago

ifartandfart (avatar)

ifartandfart hi there! so r u loving it? or it's just mehhhh?

2 years ago

thelaotongs (avatar)

thelaotongs Hey @ifartandfart u can search hashtag srichand to read more reviews! ^^

2 years ago

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