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Somehow while talking about human rights in class today, the discussion devolved to the right of a guy to choose whether he should be circumcised or not (rather than his parents asking the decision for him), and how it was more prevalent in certain cultures/societies (US, Islam) than others.

I got really curious about Singapore so I went to do some research, and (un)surprisingly there's very little data on this.

Rough estimates put Singaporean guys on the lower end of the circumcision range, with less than 20% of the population having gone through such a procedure.

Which doesn't align with my uh previous experiences lah, cause - from what I can recall - most of the guys I fucked were circumcised. Only my ex and boyfriend aren't (I'm starting to see a trend here 😂)

So I wanted to do my own survey on the #r21 community here lol

Girls, what's the frequency of circumcision in the guys you've met/fucked/dated?

And not to leave out the fellas, if y'all are comfortable with sharing,

Are you/the friends around you circumcised?

Who knows, maybe I'll be able to garner enough responses that I can submit this data to the Ministry of Health yo.

Just imagine the headlines: "Anonymous survey done on R21 Dayre thread shows that XX% of Singaporean men are circumcised."

Day 94

Thursday, 4 Apr 2019

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ananxiousavocado (avatar)

ananxiousavocado All the guys that I’ve had are uncircumcised! Omg what different experiences we’ve had

1 month ago

everafter (avatar)

everafter My current boyfriend is circumcised. So was my ex. Apart from these 2, only 1 Aussie dude was circumcised and the rest were not (if I remember correctly lol)

1 month ago

silenturmoil (avatar)

silenturmoil All the guys I've had are uncircumcised!

1 month ago

mrbbg (avatar)

mrbbg I'm circumcised and so are most of my school buddies regardless of race. Then I went to NS and that's when I realised a lot of Chinese guys aren't.

1 month ago

ladyiscurious (avatar)

ladyiscurious Current is circumcised.

1 month ago

a_and_a (avatar)

a_and_a For my case, the Europeans aren’t, but guys from North & South America are.

1 month ago

sunsetlights (avatar)

sunsetlights Hm. 3 guys aren’t. 3 guys are. Current is. Hahahahaha

1 month ago

forbiddenfruit (avatar)

forbiddenfruit I've had ex-es uncircumcised. Both mister and my fb are. My preference will have to be the latter.

1 month ago

flaglags (avatar)

flaglags I'm not! most of my chinese friends aren't too!

1 month ago

Seasaltcaramel (avatar)

Seasaltcaramel American guy, ABC is circumcised! The rest of the guys were Chinese, and they aren’t.

1 month ago

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