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Finally got some #r21 action to update this super dead Dayre acc about HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Nothing too scandalous like my dark past lah cause the boyfriend is a complete newbie (aka. noobie 🌚) but I think his performance not too bad liao for his experience (or lack thereof).

But what he lacks in skill he definitely makes up for in dedication in enthusiasm lah. And it also really helps that I think his dick is the perfect size for me lolol

Or maybe I've just been so out of touch with the market that I can't rmb what the other 🍆 s were like anymore 🙊

He's thick enough to fit my mouth comfortably when I give him a bj and just slightly stretches me in a really nice and not vjj-splitting kind of way, and long enough to hit the back of my throat but not to hit my cervix cause that shit fucking hurts. My god, so many terrible memories of that 😒

But he can't use tighter condoms cause they literally strangulate his dick and makes it deflate which is quite funny lol so we've been using Durex Pleasuremax cause it has a wider nominal width. More shiok for me also cause it has ribbed edges 🌚

Apparently the other readily available types are Okamoto Big Boy, Durex Comfort XL and Playboy XXL which somehow all indicate you got a big dick on the packaging so I told him to feel proud cause the cashiers be looking impressed when he buys condoms 😂

Dialing back the clock to finish this post today 😅

Usually we go back to his place cause he has a nice big King bed with lots of space for creative action lol

Yesterday he decided to come over to my place instead but then very smartly forgot to bring condoms since we keep the entire stash at his place.

Best part was, the day before he still tell me we're just gonna meet for dinner then send me home already, don't have "dessert" or 🍆 afterwards. But his humsup-ness took over and he changed his mind 🌚

We stopped by a supermarket after dinner and he told me to wait outside while he ran in to grab his supplies and disappeared before I could remind him that he only fits Durex Pleasuremax, don't have don't go anyhow buy any other brand.

Lo and behold, after taking forever he came out with Close Fit 🤦🏻‍♀️ I took a look and then just gave the 🌚 face and told him looks like we're not gonna have any action tonight 😂

Poor boy got the saddest puppy look ever when I told him this had the same nominal width as the other Durex condoms we've already tried and asked that we try anyway. OK lor try lor but don't say I never already told you so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Obviously, things didn't work out at all lah. The condom got caught at the junction between his dick head and the shaft and it was so painful he wanted to die lol

I already prepared my I-told-you-so face so he was like, "Okay fineeeee, but can you at least suck my dick?"

Such a huge difference from the first time we had sex lah. He was so shy back then that he couldn't even say the word "blowjob" and only made vague gestures at his dick.

I've unleashed the horny beast inside 😂

While sucking him off he took my blanket and placed it between his legs cause he wanted to keep his balls warm and wah I wanted to bite his dick off.

He always complains when I hug his bolster right after sex cause he doesn't want my vjj to rub against the fabric that he'll be smelling at night. But he put my blanket near his butthole then okay wor?

(But on that note, he seems to have a bit of a cleanliness streak so getting him to give me oral might take some work. Will update again 😈)

Back to the story, after he cummed he asked if I wanted him to finger me and at first I didn't want to cause I hadn't showered and it's honestly a pet peeve for me to do anything r21 before showering (BECAUSE HYGIENE AND BODY ODOURS AND PUTTING MOUTHS NEAR PRIVATE PARTS 🤢)

But I eventually caved cause I also backside a bit itchy 🌚

I think I stirred up his competitiveness cause I didn't cum in all our previous sex sessions so he made that his mission lah.

He's a lot more intuitive now so he'll alternate between kissing my neck which is my goddamn weakest point and sucking my nipples while he fingered me then rubbed my clit and honestly it was fucking shiok lol who knew pornhub was so damn educational 🌚

Boy had some real grit and tenacity though, cause it took I'd say at least 15 minutes of intense rubbing to bring me to the edge of orgasm? He even complained that he won't be able to use his hand the next day liao 😂

And when I came I jerked my hips and he freaked out a little and stared at me wide-eyed cause he thought he hurt me. Why so cute lah. But I just grabbed his hand and slapped it back on my clit lol sorry this girl got more important things at hand (pun intended 😂)

Afterwards I told him it was the first time a guy made me cum and he had the most incredulous look on his face when he asked, "Huh, even all those previous guys also don't have!?"

Like why did I bother sleeping with them otherwise right and I was like, good point. But I've always known it took mammoth effort to make me cum thus never expected it also. It was still fun though.

But hey, he made history even as a newbie and achieved what to other guys couldn't do.

Who knew he'd be the real MVP 😂

Day 58

Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019

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deepdown (avatar)

deepdown Hahaha your r21 post literally makes me 🤣

4 months ago

vanivan (avatar)

vanivan Me too LOL

4 months ago

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