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Another failed day of attempting to study 😂 Our entire afternoon was spent having sex, taking a nap, and then having sex again 🌚

Sex has become so good that we're both addicted lah. Really cannot even spend any time in the bedroom IT WILL ALWAYS END IN SEX. We've literally had sex every other day for the past two weeks and burnt through our box of condoms and don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Boyfriend even asked if we'll get sick of sex one day because we're doing it so often 😅😂

Boyfriend was pounding into me for a good 15-20 minutes in missionary each time and now my vjj's sore from being stretched and my hips aching from essentially being folded in half.

Also boyfriend discovered how flexible I was (self brag 🌚) so he was trying to manipulate my legs into positions I thought I'd only ever see in pornos 😂

And typing this has once again made me horny fuck I've become a nympho 🙃



Been archiving my old Dayre posts on WordPress for the past few days and jeez it's taking forever. I apparently posted like 50 entries last year? That's once every 5-6 days and I was on my sexcapade hiatus so I really don't know what's there to talk about?

I don't even wanna think about how scandalous 2017 has been cause I was fucking guys left right centre every single week. I've begun transferring my oldest posts and rereading them and man, I was a real train wreck 😂

And to be honest, if someone told me back then that I'd be settled down in a year's time, with someone other than B too, I would've laughed straight in their faces.

But here I am, cultivating a sex god that's risen from the ashes of his past virgin self, and I've never looked forward to my future more.

Love really makes people say crazy things and do stupid things.

Day 113

Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

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TaintedDarkSecrets What is your wordpress?

3 weeks ago

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