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Wanted to note down Sunday's #r21 session not because it was absolutely mind-blowingly fantastic (lol I damn bad but tbh if it was I would've bragged on Dayre asap liao la hahahahahaha) but having thought long and hard for the past two days, I think it marks a pretty significant milestone in my (sex) life.

It is...

(drumroll please)

The return of my sex drive.

Hahahahahaha idk why it's so funny even as I'm writing about it lol. I think some of yall will be like "wah jialat this girl has finally gone bonkers time to unfollow" but YES MY SEX DRIVE AS RETURNED.

I don't think I mentioned it before but in the 1.5 years I was with my ex on and off, we were abstinent for half the time - the second half, that is. And no it's not because we've finally decided to be holy (come on la girl here haram af) but... Idk.

Our dates mostly consisted of quick meals because he was busy working all the damn time (he didn't have fixed working hours) and our schedules simply didn't match. Thus, no sex.

This came right after I fooled around so much in 2017 which ended in my sex drive dying lmao (new readers please ownself read back 😂). I was still horny from time to time which I settled with some DIY so it didn't bother me too much. I basically reached a point where sex was no longer a need in my life.

After our breakup I had they brief stint on SA where I started sleeping around again, albeit at a much, much slower pace than before, and then stopped all that to begin dating on cmb, where every guy I met and date I went on was completely PG. And then came my boyfriend (Yes, this current one lol).

(Side note: this is also when I realised I never wrote about how I, uh, took my boyfriend's virginity and when and where it happened whoops. That's gonna be a story for another day I guess.)

But yes. When my boyfriend and I started having sex it was like a whole new world for me also cause he was the first guy who made me cum. Sex used to be enjoyable for me la but now it was REALLY enjoyable you know.

I found myself thinking about it frequently during the day and constantly looked forward to the weekends when I would finally get my orgasm fix, like an addict.

I mentioned before that I am a very, very slow burn person when it comes to achieving orgasms and, as horny as my mind is, my physical recovery time is off the charts. Off the charts slow, that is. I need hours to recover and can't cum more than once per session.

The intensity also weakens if I orgasm frequently (aka. once a day consecutively) so I used to abstain from DIYing just so that I'd have my mind blown on weekends. But recently I really couldn't hold off lol can't even last two days 😂

On Sunday I was so utterly exhausted that even the boyfriend told me not to go his house already but I still backside itchy and went over. Gotta get my weekly dick lmao

Usually after he makes me cum I'll be quite sated but not that afternoon lol Idk what lustful spirit came over me while riding his dick but girl here went super hard and when he gripped my hips to try to slow me down I knocked his hands away 😂

He wanted to switch to missionary but I refused to let him get up to change positions and just kept riding him until he came. He couldn't even reach up to kiss me or suck my nipples cause I was going at it so vigorously lol

The bed was shaking damn hard la and I had to push against the bed frame to stop it from slamming against the wall. I was damn certain I was gonna chip the paint. And I think I did, a bit 😂

Him afterwards: "Baby you just now siao ah?"

I didn't expect myself to be so daring also considering his whole family as home and mere metres away from the bedroom door. But it's the thrill of knowing we could be heard, the sound of slapping skin and the fun of rendering him weak and helpless with my ministrations that spurred me on even more.

But now that he finally had a taste of that bit of my dark side that slipped out, I think we're gonna be more no-holds-barred than ever liao 🙊


Was sharing Thanos/Ant Man memes today in light of the upcoming final Avengers installation (you know the running joke about how Ant Man will crawl up Thanos's ass and expand and save the day) and the boyfriend asks if I've done anal before.

👩🏻: Nope. Why, wanna try ah?
👦🏻: Phew. No, I don't want also.
👩🏻: Sure boh? Tighter than pussy one leh.
👦🏻: Then you squeeze your pussy tighter lorh. What if you pangsai never clean how?
👩🏻: Who pangsai don't pangsai finish leave a bit inside one??
👦🏻: 😂

Thank God he is a clean freak (he even cleans his fingers with a tissue after fingering me like hello rude max my cum will rot your skin issit?? 😒) so I won't have to consider popping my anal cherry cause that's really not my cup of tea.

But of course, not shaming anal freaks out there. You do you, girl. Go wild, go home, and then maybe go even wilder 😂🤘🏼

Day 86

Wednesday, 27 Mar 2019

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OilyHolyWitch 😂😂 congratz !!!

3 months ago

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baichidewo Enjoy yourself!

3 months ago

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