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Meeting the Ex

I never expected it would be here, of all places.

In the school he pushed me to apply together, the one he said he hadn't received a response when I got my acceptance letter. The one he evidently accepted but didn't tell me, even when we were still together.

Imagine my shock when I completed my exam and turned around to rant to my friend, only to see him sitting right across the aisle. The bright I-told-you-so smile I was sporting fell a little before I replaced my mask of indifference.

My friend told me after that he'd came for the exam late - Typical. No wonder I hadn't seen him when I came in, the lone script left on the table with all the other seats filled.

It was for a class I'd nearly taken with my friend too, but we'd decided to opt for the other, the same one we had the exam for today. What a close shave. I would've been stuck in the same class for a whole 10 weeks.

That field of study was part of a bigger plan he had for me after I was done with this programme. It was also the subconscious reason why I even considered that class in the first place.

Guess it means that I can't take that follow-up module I've been eyeing next semester.

Day 45

Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

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