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The part of me I usually don't let out.

Spent the whole day at my boyfriend's place today before heading back to hall. The plan was to study since we both have presentations and exams coming up.We tried.Half an hour after I step into his house, I was on his dick. It's been a little more than one week and we were both a little deprived, and he lost control too early lol He wondered if he could go for another round immediately and we've never tried so round two it was.

Still kinda uncertain where I would go from here after April 23rd. But chances are, I'm probably not sticking around.IG: _.the.darker.side._(yes there is a full stop after every single word curse you 1 billion ig accounts)WordPress: imonthedarkerside.wordpress.comLeaving these all here cause I really don't wanna fall out of touch with the wonderful community here 🙏🏼Would probably (manually) migrate all my posts to WordPress soon. I want to keep every single memory, good or bad.

Somehow while talking about human rights in class today, the discussion devolved to the right of a guy to choose whether he should be circumcised or not (rather than his parents asking the decision for him), and how it was more prevalent in certain cultures/societies (US, Islam) than others.I got really curious about Singapore so I went to do some research, and (un)surprisingly there's very little data on this.

March 2019

Wanted to note down Sunday's #r21 session not because it was absolutely mind-blowingly fantastic (lol I damn bad but tbh if it was I would've bragged on Dayre asap liao la hahahahahaha) but having thought long and hard for the past two days, I think it marks a pretty significant milestone in my (sex) life.It is...(drumroll please)

Finally told the boyf about my ex registered in the same class as me today.Was having an inner struggle with myself the whole week. One side of me says it's all in the past now and none of that matters anymore. The boyf trusts me anyhow, so it would be unnecessary to (possibly) stir shit by telling him.Then the other side thinks that it's precisely because he trusts me that I should tell him, because I want to show that his trust is justified and I am worthy of it.

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This really hit home.There are so many girls (and guys) on this platform who have been damaged by love in the past.The road to recovery is steep, bumpy and winding, and at times it feels like you're backsliding instead of moving forward, but know you'll get there.

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