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The part of me I usually don't let out.

June 2019

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My boyfriend sent me this and I legit cackled.This is our entire relationship summarised in a meme.He would be staring at me with a goofy smile on his face and me being emotionally constipated will try to rile him up for a fight 😂

Since that sort-of handjob in the movie theatre we had an encore performance on the bus lolIs this even normal behaviour for couples or are we just closeted exhibitionists 😊I never knew my boyfriend could be so daring he initiates all these things and I'm just like dude, is this the same guy who'd accidentally confessed on our fourth date (yah he told me that he didn't mean to ask me to be his girlfriend he just kind of blurted it out accidentally wtf)

Went to the movies for a date yesterday and we chose a family-friendly cartoon cause it looked super cute and I'm a sucker for that stuff so the boyfriend had no choice but to accede to my request.Also we finally busted out our student cards so it seemed more acceptable to waste money watching an animated film on a student discount than on full price 😅

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